Cardi B wants to eat biscuits with Princess Margaret after watching The Crown

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The latest bid of The Crown whitethorn person received a just spot of disapproval - but the play surrounding the play is besides garnering caller fans who are watching from the beginning.

One specified enthusiast is US rapper Cardi B, who tweeted her 26.2 cardinal followers to prosecute successful immoderate treatment astir the deed series.

Season 5 of The Crown, which launched astatine the opening of November, covers the 1990s - arguably the astir arguable play successful the Royal Family's past - featuring the break-up and affairs of Charles and Diana, among different storylines.

This representation  released by Netflix shows Imelda Staunton arsenic  Queen Elizabeth successful  "The Crown." (Alex Bailey/Netflix via AP)

Image: Imelda Staunton plays the Queen Elizabeth successful bid 5 of The Crown, but Cardi B hasn't got this acold yet. Pic: Netflix/AP

Critics accidental Netflix should bash much to marque viewers alert the amusement is simply a fictionalised mentation of existent events, and accidental the timing of the latest bid is insensitive erstwhile the royals are inactive mourning the Queen.

But Cardi B appears to beryllium 1 of the galore caller fans who person started watching amid each the headlines surrounding the backlash.

"Y'all wanna speech astir The Crown?" she wrote connected Twitter.

In effect to a follower who asked for her "thoughts connected Camilla and Charles", the rapper revealed she is not rather up to velocity yet, having lone watched 13 episodes truthful acold - with 10 episodes successful each series, it sounds similar the prima was part-way done the 2nd play erstwhile she sparked the online conversation.

Series 5 of The Crown launched connected 9 November, and stars Imelda Staunton arsenic the Queen, Dominic West arsenic Charles, Elizabeth Debicki arsenic Diana, and Lesley Manville arsenic Princess Margaret.

Cardi B told fans she is simply a instrumentality of Princess Margaret, who was played played by Vanessa Kirby and aboriginal Helena Bonham Carter for bid 3 and four.

Lesley Manville arsenic  Princess Margaret successful  bid    5  of The Crown

Image: Lesley Manville arsenic Princess Margaret successful play five; Helena Bonham Carter (below) played the quality successful play 3 and four. Pics: Netflix


"I similar Princess Margaret... I tin spot maine smokin cigarettes and eating biscuits wit her," she tweeted.

Cardi B is not the archetypal US vocalist to bask The Crown - with "ultimate superfan" Mariah Carey recently treated to an aboriginal screening of the latest series.

The vocalist shared a representation of herself wearing a tiara and drinking a cupful of beverage connected a sofa with her dogs up of the preview.

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