Celine Dion cancels all remaining shows over poor health

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Celine Dion announced past twelvemonth she had been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome

By Steven McIntosh

Entertainment reporter

Celine Dion has cancelled each her remaining unrecorded shows, telling fans she is not beardown capable to circuit aft being diagnosed with a uncommon neurological disorder.

The vocalist revealed past year she was suffering from Stiff-Person Syndrome (SPS), which was affecting her singing.

Dion has present cancelled each the shows she had scheduled for 2023 and 2024.

In a connection posted connected Twitter, the 55-year-old told fans: "I'm truthful atrocious to disappoint each of you erstwhile again.

"Even though it breaks my heart, it's champion that we cancel everything until I'm truly acceptable to beryllium backmost connected stage."

She added: "I'm not giving up... and I can't hold to spot you again!"

In December 2022, the French Canadian vocalist posted an affectional video connected Instagram to accidental she had been diagnosed with SPS and would not beryllium acceptable to commencement a European circuit successful February arsenic planned.

She said the upset was causing musculus spasms and was "not allowing maine to usage my vocal cords to sing the mode I'm utilized to".

The Courage World Tour began successful 2019, and Dion completed 52 shows earlier the Covid-19 pandemic enactment the remainder connected hold.

She aboriginal cancelled the North American dates owed to wellness problems, and delayed the European limb of the tour.

On Friday, those delayed European performances were cancelled altogether, including dates successful London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Zurich.

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In a statement, Dion said she was "working truly hard" to physique her spot backmost up

A connection released by her circuit said the shows were being cancelled with "a consciousness of tremendous disappointment".

"I'm moving truly hard to physique backmost my strength, but touring tin beryllium precise hard adjacent erstwhile you're 100%," the connection quoted Dion arsenic saying.

The circuit was to person been Dion's archetypal planetary performance circuit successful a decennary and the archetypal without her husband-manager Rene Angelil, who died from crab successful 2016.

Dion is champion known for hits including My Heart Will Go On, Because You Loved Me, All By Myself and It's All Coming Back To Me Now.

What is Stiff Person Syndrome and is determination a cure?

SPS is simply a uncommon information and not good understood.

According to the National Institute for Neurological Disorders, it is characterised by fluctuating musculus rigidity successful the trunk and limbs and a heightened sensitivity to stimuli specified arsenic noise, touch, and affectional distress, which tin acceptable disconnected musculus spasms.

Abnormal postures, often hunched implicit and stiffened, are diagnostic of the disorder, the institute says.

People with SPS tin beryllium excessively disabled to locomotion oregon move, oregon they are acrophobic to permission the location due to the fact that thoroughfare noises, specified arsenic the dependable of a horn, tin trigger spasms and falls.

Most individuals with SPS person predominant falls and due to the fact that they deficiency the mean antiaircraft reflexes; injuries tin beryllium severe.

While determination is nary cure for SPS, determination are treatments - including anti-anxiety medicines and musculus relaxants - which tin dilatory down its progression.

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