China Tangshan attack: Man who attacked female diners jailed for 24 years

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The onslaught successful Tangshan renewed statement astir sex unit successful China

A antheral who led a vicious onslaught connected 4 women eating successful a edifice successful China has been sentenced to 24 years successful prison.

Chen Jizhi was recovered blameworthy of the battle successful the north-eastern metropolis of Tangshan successful June which began erstwhile 1 of the women rejected his advances.

Another 27 men were convicted implicit the violence, successful which they utilized bottles, chairs and fists to bushed the women.

Surveillance video went viral, sparking statement astir sex unit successful China.

After the attack, 2 of the women spent clip successful intensive care, portion the different 2 women were seen successful photos covered successful blood, though their injuries were initially classed by constabulary arsenic lone "minor".

Chen was fined 320,000 yuan (£40,000, $45,000) successful summation to his 24-year situation sentence,

The different defendants were sentenced to betwixt six months and 11 years successful prison.

The tribunal ordered Chen and 5 defendants to compensate for the 4 victims' aesculapian expenses and different losses, the Global Times reports.

Women's rights campaigners accidental home maltreatment remains pervasive and under-reported successful China.

A study released soon aft the battle recovered the handling of the lawsuit by the section lawman manager of territory constabulary and different officers had been "slow and improper".

Chinese authorities censored online statement astir attacks connected women, and tried to overgarment the battle arsenic pack crime, correspondents say.

The viciousness of the onslaught sparked outrage and heated statement connected societal media, taking up 1 of the most-discussed topics connected Weibo, a fashionable societal media level successful China.

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