Co-op boss warns of shoplifting 'anarchy'

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A Co-op brag has warned that stores are descending into "anarchy" arsenic unit look a crisp emergence successful retail crime.

Operations manager Kate Graham said they were facing prolific shoplifting to bid and a emergence successful equipped robberies.

UK stores person seen a 35% summation successful transgression successful the past twelvemonth and much than 900 unit were physically assaulted.

The Scottish Grocers Federation said a survey had recovered each of its members present experienced theft connected a regular basis.

Earlier this week the latest Scottish transgression statistics revealed that shoplifting accrued by 21% implicit the past year, though the fig is inactive little than successful 2019 earlier the Covid pandemic.

Ms Graham, who is liable for each of the companies stores including 340 successful Scotland, said the occupation had "gone beyond" thing she had known successful her 25-year career.

She told BBC Radio Scotland's Drivetime programme that transgression was besides rising successful areas which had ne'er had issues before.

"It is present rather modular to person merchandise extortion connected tons of cardinal lines that are seen arsenic precocious theft lines," she said.

"We look astatine things that are perchance utilized to merchantability on. You person got your modular things similar steak.

"However, we are seeing things similar babe beverage being stolen due to the fact that it is being utilized to chopped drugs.

"We are seeing things successful wellness and quality being stolen arsenic it is being utilized to money organised crime.

"Coffee, confectionery, we are seeing kiosk breaches, equipped robbery, wines and spirits - determination are not galore items that are not being targeted."

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The Co-Op's Kate Graham is liable for each 340 of Scotland's stores

Ms Graham said that unit were often alert of who was carrying retired the thefts.

"What we are seeing is blatant looting - radical conscionable coming successful with a ample container and taking what they privation due to the fact that they are recognising the deficiency of consequence. We are seeing repetition offenders and we are seeing prolific shoplifting. People are stealing to bid truthful this is perfectly not astir the outgo of surviving crisis."

She described individuals entering stores successful immoderate parts of the UK and "sweeping an full shelf" into a bag.

"There was an equipped robbery successful Glenrothes precocious - it was really a weapon crime. There person been a fig of equipped robberies successful the Edinburgh country and the Glasgow area. That is an summation connected thing I person seen before."

The Co-op has spent millions connected the plan of its stores to effort to forestall theft, she said. Steak and food are being fitted with information tags and java is being replaced with dummy jars successful stores.

Staff spell done struggle grooming but are encouraged not to enactment themselves astatine hazard - which, she says, is sometimes exploited by thieves.

A caller Freedom of Information petition revealed that 71% of reported incidents were not attended by constabulary officers.

"With nary consequences, it creates anarchy," she said.

The Co-op - and different retailers - privation the constabulary to instrumentality enactment and for the courts to past springiness retired sanctions which volition service arsenic a deterrent.

The Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) which represents convenience stores including Spar, Londis and Scotmid said its members had besides noticed a emergence successful shoplifting.

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Co-op unit person been issued with assemblage cameras to seizure incidents

Its main executive, Dr Pete Cheema OBE said: "Reports of accrued shoplifting are coming successful from a fig of sources alongside a emergence successful anti-social behaviour toward unit wrong stores.

"It is not lone unit wellbeing and businesses that are being impacted by these crimes, but families and the wider assemblage arsenic well.

"SGF's yearly Scottish Retail Crime Report highlights that 100% of respondents acquisition store theft astatine slightest erstwhile a time and each acquisition abuse, unit oregon hatred transgression connected a regular basis."

Dame Sharon White, the brag of John Lewis, told the BBC past week that shoplifting had go an "epidemic" successful the past year.

She said the retailer had seen offences treble implicit the past 12 months.

David Kennedy from the Scottish Police Federation told Drivetime: "Calls are being stacked wrong power centres due to the fact that determination is nary 1 to attend.

"We person been saying for a agelong clip that the work conscionable does not person capable constabulary officers to bash the occupation they request to do. And the caller announcement that the numbers volition beryllium reduced by different 600 due to the fact that of the fund projected conscionable sets alarm bells ringing.

"The calls are not being answered due to the fact that determination is cipher to go. The telephone mightiness beryllium sent crossed to the part for them to nonstop somebody, but if nary 1 is going astatine the constituent erstwhile they are needed, by the clip idiosyncratic is acceptable to attend, it's excessively late."

He added: "There's not capable radical taking the calls and not capable constabulary officers to respond to the calls."

Det Supt Andrew Patrick from Police Scotland, said: "We enactment intimately with partners successful the retail and concern sectors to deter, forestall and analyse shoplifting.

"Where we place concern which are being targeted by shoplifters, we person trained officers who tin be and transportation retired information surveys and connection proposal astir prevention.

"I would promote businesses to put successful transgression simplification measures and acquisition to assistance trim shoplifting."

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