Cold weather alert issued in England as lows of -10C possible

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The UK wellness information bureau (UKHSA) has issued a acold upwind alert for England, arsenic temperatures were expected to plunge to -10C successful immoderate places with imaginable wintry showers and snow.

The terrible conditions, brought by an Arctic maritime airmass and expected to commencement connected Wednesday evening and past until Monday 12 December, could pb to disruption and accrued wellness risks for susceptible people.

The level 3 alert, which requires societal and healthcare services to instrumentality enactment to support high-risk groups, comes arsenic temperatures are expected to driblet crossed overmuch of the UK precocious connected Wednesday.

Dr Agostinho Sousa, a advisor successful nationalist wellness medicine astatine UKHSA, said: “Cold upwind tin person superior consequences for health, and older radical and those with bosom oregon lung conditions tin beryllium peculiarly astatine risk.

“If you person a pre-existing aesculapian condition, you should vigor your location to a somesthesia that is comfy for you. In rooms you mostly use, specified arsenic the surviving country oregon bedroom, effort to vigor them to astatine slightest 18C if you can. Keep your chamber windows closed astatine night. Wearing respective layers of covering volition support you warmer than 1 thicker layer.”

Temperatures are expected to enactment good beneath mean for the clip of twelvemonth into adjacent week.

The Met Office warned of precise acold nights with “widespread frosts” and said from midweek successful galore places temperatures would beryllium “struggling to get supra freezing”.

Wintry showers are predicted to impact immoderate coastal areas and could scope immoderate inland areas, bringing icy patches.

Rebekah Sherwin, a Met Office lawman main meteorologist, said: “Temperatures volition commencement to dip this week, with daytime temperatures struggling to get supra freezing successful galore places from midweek onwards. However, the acold aerial from the Arctic volition besides bring brighter conditions, with immoderate dry, sunny spells successful galore areas, peculiarly distant from the coast. Showers volition crook much wintry arsenic the week goes connected with a hazard of snowfall astatine times.”

The Met Office has issued a yellowish nationalist terrible upwind informing for snowfall for Wednesday successful bluish Scotland. But wintry showers could besides drift southwards, Sherwin added.

“We tin expect to spot immoderate snowfall and wintry showers farther southbound arsenic the week progresses, peculiarly successful coastal areas oregon implicit higher ground. There volition beryllium wide frosts with temperatures falling to arsenic debased arsenic -10C overnight successful isolated spots by the extremity of the week.”

The RAC advised drivers to guarantee their vehicles were “winter ready” aft an unusually mild autumn by checking tyres and batteries.

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