Colombia mudslide: Search for buried bus passengers

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Aerial presumption    of the landslideImage source, Colombian Disaster Management Agency

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Part of the mountainside gave mode and buried astatine slightest 3 vehicles

By Vanessa Buschschlüter

BBC News

A landslide connected a roadworthy successful the state of Risaralda successful occidental Colombia has killed astatine slightest 3 radical and buried dozens more.

A autobus afloat of passengers was among respective vehicles buried nether mud and rocks, which tumbled down a hillside pursuing dense rains.

One of the passengers helped his woman and 2 children flight from the autobus earlier helium was buried and died.

Rescuers are utilizing dense machinery to effort to dislodge the mud.

The landslide happened successful the aboriginal hours of Sunday greeting section clip connected the roadworthy starring to the bluish state of Chocó.

Witnesses said an intercity bus, a jeep, and a motorbike had stopped connected the roadworthy due to the fact that of a car mishap further up erstwhile portion of the hillside collapsed connected apical of them.

The autobus is thought to person had 2 drivers and 25 passengers connected board.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro wrote connected Twitter that 9 radical had been rescued and much than 20 were inactive missing.

So far, 3 radical person been confirmed dormant successful the landslide, among them a young miss who is thought to person been riding connected the motorbike with different person.

One of those who died wrong the autobus was identified arsenic Guillermo Ibargüen.

His lad Andrés told Caracol News that "Dad helped maine get retired of the autobus done a small hole".

"I had to propulsion myself down the ravine. When I jumped, the mud had covered everything," helium said.

Ibargüen besides helped his woman and his girl flight the autobus successful time.

By Sunday evening section time, rescuers had uncovered 1 broadside of the bus, but the remainder of the conveyance remained buried.

Image source, Colombian Disaster Management Agency

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Rescuers are proceeding cautiously to debar the autobus tumbling down the hillside

Residents rushed to the country to assistance excavation for survivors with spades oregon their bare hands.

Police warned that the diggers indispensable beryllium cautious to debar dislodging the autobus due to the fact that it could descent down the hill.

Landslides are not uncommon successful Colombia, particularly successful the rainy season, and upland roads are often chopped disconnected by mud and rocks.

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