Congo Ousts Mining Leader in a Cloud of Corruption Claims

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The country’s president removed Albert Yuma Mulimbi arsenic president of the authorities mining firm. Cobalt successful Congo is simply a important assets successful the planetary cleanable vigor revolution.

Albert Yuma Mulimbi, president  of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s authorities   mining company, Gécamines, successful  Kinshasa successful  April.
Credit...Ashley Gilbertson for The New York Times

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Dec. 3, 2021, 9:23 p.m. ET

The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s authorities mining institution was ousted connected Friday aft longtime allegations that billions of dollars successful gross had gone missing, a determination officials said was intended to combat corruption arsenic the state becomes progressively important successful the planetary cleanable vigor revolution.

Albert Yuma Mulimbi, the president of the institution since 2010, was replaced by President Felix Tshisekedi of Congo conscionable days aft The New York Times published an article revealing caller allegations against Mr. Yuma.

The authorities agency, known arsenic Gécamines, controls accumulation of metals specified arsenic cobalt and copper, important metals successful the propulsion to grow electrical vehicles and different renewables. Without his chairmanship, Mr. Yuma volition nary longer person a important relation successful partnering with planetary companies implicit large mining deals.

“It is hard to underestimate the important of this improvement — it is simply a important measurement successful the combat against corruption successful Congo,” said J. Peter Pham, who until January served arsenic a elder Central Africa authoritative with the U.S. State Department. “Albert Yuma and the mining assemblage basal astatine the nexus of earthy resources, governmental and economical powerfulness successful the country.”

At slightest for now, Mr. Yuma volition clasp his relation supervising the betterment of small-scale and informal mining successful Congo, 1 manufacture enforcement said. His plans see buying cobalt from the informal miners, besides known arsenic artisanal miners, and regulating pricing. Cobalt produced by artisanal mining, arsenic opposed to concern operations, makes up astir 30 percent of the nation’s output.

He has besides announced plans to summation information astatine these sites. Child labour and predominant injuries and deaths associated with specified mining person drawn planetary attention, driven distant caller U.S. investors and adjacent made some automakers reluctant to bargain cobalt from Congo.

What to Know About Mining successful Congo

What to Know About Mining successful Congo

Dionne Searcey
Eric Lipton
Dionne Searcey and Eric Lipton📍Reporting from Democratic Republic of Congo


Ashley Gilbertson for The New York Times

On astir days, hundreds of men trudge into this mine successful the Democratic Republic of Congo wearing integrative headlamps and hoisting shovels successful hunt of treasure underground: cobalt.

Here’s the backstory →

The state is liable for more than two-thirds of the world’s cobalt and is besides a large copper producer. Though prices person skyrocketed successful caller years, Gécamines was criticized during Mr. Yuma’s tenure for signing deals with overseas mining companies, including entities backed by the Chinese government. The arrangements efficaciously turned implicit the country’s bonzer mineral wealthiness for foreigners to profit.

Top State Department officials had urged the Biden medication to enforce sanctions connected Mr. Yuma, who told The Times that helium had by his ain number been accused of diverting arsenic overmuch as $8.8 billion successful mining revenues implicit the years.

He was separately banned successful 2018 from entering the United States, and helium has since hired a squad of lobbyists and lawyers successful Washington to effort to combat backmost and caput disconnected immoderate sanctions, which could frost wealth helium has successful planetary banks.

Mr. Yuma, a longtime powerfulness broker successful Congo and 1 of the country’s richest businessmen, did not respond connected Friday to a petition for comment. But successful a bid of interviews with The Times successful caller months, helium called the accusations against him fabrications by extracurricular provocateurs seeking to undermine Congo’s sovereignty.

In 1 papers helium provided successful October, he called the allegations “veritable smear campaigns,” saying that his critics wanted “to sully his estimation and blur his large relation successful favour of the state done the betterment of its mining policy.”

For decades, Gécamines has been 1 of Congo’s largest sources of revenue, controlling concessions granted to large planetary mining companies and collecting royalties from them. Last year, the steadfast generated $324 million.

Mr. Yuma was placed successful his station arsenic president by the country’s erstwhile president, Joseph Kabila, who American officials judge worked intimately with Mr. Yuma to divert bureau funds toward governmental ends, and besides perchance to enrich Mr. Kabila’s family.

He was reappointed president successful 2019, aft Mr. Tshisekedi took office. That year, Mr. Yuma had been nether information to service arsenic premier curate of Congo, a determination the United States opposed due to the fact that helium was readying to service arsenic Mr. Kabila’s proxy, State Department officials told The Times.

Mr. Yuma volition present beryllium replaced by Kaputo Kalubi Alphonse, whom Mr. Tshisekedi had named to Gécamines’ administrative assembly 3 years ago. As a motion of the cardinal relation that Gécamines plays successful Congo, Mr. Tshisekedi’s spokesperson announced the caller assignment connected nationalist tv connected Friday.

Leon Mwine, who was appointed by Mr. Tshisekedi to a apical station astatine Gécamines successful 2019, said executives realized they had to beryllium to the satellite that the bureau could alteration course.

“Values — specified arsenic honesty and transparency and integrity — these halfway values are what we request to beryllium competitory connected the planetary market,” Mr. Mwine said.

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