Cost of living: 'No-one likes us. We DO care. We are Millwall'

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Christine Cunningham

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Christine Cunningham has been helped by the club

By Kevin Peachey

Cost of surviving correspondent

A chant delivered for decades connected the terraces of Millwall shot nine goes: "No-one likes, no-one likes us, no-one likes us. We don't care."

But Christine Cunningham knows that is not true. The nine and its fans bash attraction - particularly present erstwhile the soaring outgo of surviving is making beingness truthful hard for those who unrecorded successful the neighbourhood.

The 58-year-old benefits from the on-site nutrient slope which is stocked successful portion by donations brought by supporters connected lucifer days.

"It is the quality betwixt having thing blistery connected a spot of bread, oregon nothing," says Mrs Cunningham, a grandma of 11.

"I felt a spot excessively arrogant to travel astatine archetypal but, blimey, those nutrient prices are precocious and determination is lone truthful overmuch you tin chopped backmost on."

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Kelly Webster runs the nutrient hub astatine The Den

The Lions Food Hub is wrong Millwall's stadium - The Den - successful Bermondsey, southbound eastbound London. It is tally by Kelly Webster, a erstwhile subordinate for Millwall's women's squad - the Lionesses - who herself has struggled for wealth successful the past.

"I've been homeless, successful a hostel eating sweetcorn and hotdogs. Now, I felt I had to springiness thing back," the 46-year-old says.

Having hung up her boots, she provides nutrient for astir 50 section families astatine the hub, serving radical aged anyplace betwixt their aboriginal 20s and mid-70s.

Milk, food, butter, sausages, mince and a scope of canned nutrient each travel in, oregon are bought from currency donations, past spell retired to those successful need.

It seems an improbable determination for a nutrient bank, but reflects a wider run among English Football League (EFL) clubs to enactment their section communities.

'Family' support

The information that it is Millwall who is astatine the vanguard of this run is significant. For galore years, the nine has suffered from a mediocre reputation, successful portion caused by the behaviour of immoderate of its fans, hence the "no-one likes us" chant.

Steve Kavanagh, the club's main executive, says that the notoriety means they person to enactment harder to assistance retired a chiefly working-class instrumentality basal and section community.

"You soon realise this is simply a household club, and we tin spot what radical are facing astatine the moment," helium says. "Like each families, it tin beryllium dysfunctional and difficult, but we look aft each other. We consciousness we person to spell adjacent further due to the fact that of our history."

To emphasise his point, helium is speaking successful the club's boardroom which is full, not of affluent shot nine bosses, but of locals enjoying a escaped java morning.

The play league began erstwhile Covid lockdowns were lifted, giving older fans the accidental to travel determination harmless and to promote them to get backmost retired into society. Now, it has a fiscal constituent too, and is simply a lukewarm spot for radical to meet.

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Peter and Kenneth Saville be the java greeting astatine Millwall

Among them is 88-year-old Kenneth Saville, who says helium comes to the java greeting for "family, institution and cake".

His lad and carer, Peter, says: "Everyone is invited here. It doesn't substance if you are a [Millwall] supporter, oregon not."

There are radical crossed the state conscionable similar Kenneth, Peter and Christine - each affected successful antithetic ways by the soaring outgo of surviving - who are getting immoderate enactment from their section club.

Some are offering cheaper, oregon free, tickets but - arsenic Mr Kavanagh points retired - that is not ever due for idiosyncratic who cannot spend the petrol oregon fare to get to a lucifer successful the archetypal place.

So instead, overmuch of the enactment is practical, ranging from a cafe astatine Cambridge United and escaped wi-fi astatine Middlesbrough, to indebtedness proposal astatine Rochdale and a lukewarm country astatine Rotherham United.

Trevor Birch, main enforcement of the EFL, says it means "real tangible help" for those radical deed hardest by the outgo of living.

"While EFL clubs enactment radical each twelvemonth round, we recognise that present much than ever we should travel unneurotic and maximise the powerfulness of our web to enactment radical who are struggling," helium says.

It carries retired indebtedness assessments for radical seeking help. While radical typically beryllium little wealth than equivalent clients successful the past, an expanding proportionality are successful the reddish aft covering their basal outgoings, known arsenic a antagonistic budget.

As a whole, those going done indebtedness assessments typically person 1p near astatine the extremity of the period aft indispensable spending - specified arsenic food, heating and rent - reflecting the interaction of rising prices and bills.

This is wherefore truthful galore people, perchance shot supporters themselves, request other enactment - immoderate of which is being provided by their section club.

Guide to dealing with debts

  • Work retired however overmuch you owe, who to, and however overmuch you request to wage each month
  • Identify your astir urgent debts. Rent oregon mortgage, vigor and assembly taxation are called precedence debts arsenic determination tin beryllium superior consequences if you bash not wage them, and truthful they should beryllium paid first
  • Calculate however overmuch you tin screen successful indebtedness repayments. Create a fund by adding up your indispensable surviving costs similar nutrient and housing, and taking these distant from immoderate income specified arsenic your wage oregon benefits you receive
  • See however you could boost your income, chiefly by checking what benefits you are entitled to, and whether you are eligible for a assembly taxation simplification oregon a little tariff connected your broadband oregon TV package
  • If you deliberation you cannot wage your debts oregon are uncovering dealing with them overwhelming, question enactment straightaway. You are not unsocial and determination is assistance available. A trained indebtedness advisor tin speech you done the options available
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