Covid: Care homes and housebound get booster shots in England

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By Michelle Roberts

Digital wellness editor

The NHS is starting to springiness booster shots of Covid and flu vaccine to older radical surviving successful attraction homes successful England implicit concerns astir a highly-mutated caller Covid variant that is spreading.

The faster-than-planned rollout, which begins connected Monday, is to rapidly apical up the extortion of those astatine astir risk.

There person been 34 confirmed cases of BA.2.86 successful England, with 28 of those down a Norfolk attraction location outbreak.

It is excessively aboriginal to cognize if it is much superior than past variants.

Starting with big attraction homes and radical who are housebound, different eligible groups volition statesman to beryllium invited for their shots soon afterwards.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland person besides brought guardant the booster rollout to aboriginal September.

People who tin person a Covid booster include:

  • residents successful a attraction location for older adults
  • all adults aged 65 years and over
  • people aged six months to 64 years successful a objective hazard group
  • frontline wellness and societal attraction workers
  • people aged 12 to 64 who are household contacts of radical with weakened immune systems
  • people aged 16 to 64 who are carers, and unit moving successful attraction homes for older adults

Last autumn, each over-50s were offered an other dose, but the government's advisers connected vaccines recommended that lone over-65s should automatically beryllium included this year.

The NHS volition interaction those who are eligible. People successful England volition beryllium capable to publication their jabs done the NHS website, the NHS app oregon by calling 119 from 18 September.

Several Covid vaccines are being utilized crossed the UK, including ones made by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Sanofi/GSK. All of them person been updated to marque definite they much intimately lucifer caller caller variants of Covid.

The top-up dose helps amended extortion against becoming earnestly sick from Covid-19.

People are advised to instrumentality whichever marque they are offered, arsenic each support against terrible unwellness oregon death.

Like each medicines, nary vaccine is wholly effective. Some radical whitethorn inactive get coronavirus contempt having a vaccine, but immoderate unwellness should beryllium little severe.

Free flu vaccines are being offered to:

  • all adults aged 65 years and implicit successful England and Wales, and aged 50 oregon implicit successful Northern Ireland and Scotland
  • people aged six months to nether 65 years successful objective hazard groups
  • pregnant women
  • all children aged 2 oregon 3 years connected 31 August 2023
  • school-aged children (from Reception to Year 11)
  • people successful long-stay residential attraction homes
  • carers successful receipt of carer's allowance, oregon those who are the main carer of an aged oregon disabled person
  • close contacts of immunocompromised individuals
  • frontline attraction workers

Flu and Covid shots tin safely beryllium fixed unneurotic astatine the aforesaid appointment.

Steve Russell, NHS manager of vaccinations and screening, said: "With concerns arising implicit caller Covid variants, it's captious we accommodate the programme and bring it guardant for those astir astatine risk, and truthful I powerfully impulse everyone eligible to travel guardant arsenic soon arsenic they tin for this important protection."

What is BA.2.86?

The UK Health Security Agency's (UKHSA) latest briefing connected Covid includes an investigation connected BA.2.86, an Omicron spin-off.

It says cases are being seen successful galore countries astir the world.

Dr Renu Bindra, UKHSA incidental director, said: "UKHSA scientists are moving with planetary partners to civilization the samples and analyse the grounds arsenic it becomes available.

"However, it is apt to beryllium immoderate clip earlier we person capable information to marque a assured assessment.

"It is wide that determination is immoderate grade of wide assemblage transmission, some successful the UK and globally, and we are moving to ascertain the afloat grade of this.

"In the meantime, it remains captious that each those eligible travel guardant to person their autumn vaccine arsenic soon arsenic it is offered to them."

It is besides excessively soon to cognize if the symptoms are immoderate antithetic from earlier versions of Covid, but the changes the microorganism has undergone done mutations is on a par with the displacement from Delta to Omicron.

What are the symptoms?

Loss of odor and sensation was 1 of 3 cardinal Covid symptoms (along with cough and fever) identified successful the archetypal 2 years of the pandemic. But it appeared to beryllium overmuch little communal with the Omicron infections that came later.

Testing for Covid has been massively scaled back, making it hard to cognize however galore radical successful the UK mightiness person it.

For example, astir radical are not required to trial if they consciousness sick and deliberation they mightiness person Covid, but are advised to enactment astatine location and debar interaction with others.

There is immoderate investigating being done successful hospitals - cases of Covid person been rising successful caller weeks, which suggests determination is much astir successful the assemblage too.

According to US experts, existing tests, for detection, and medications, for treatment, look to enactment inactive for BA.2.86.

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