Dame Olivia Newton-John remembered at state memorial as tributes led by Dolly Parton and Elton John

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Elton John and Dolly Parton were among celebrities to wage tribute to Dame Olivia Newton-John successful a authorities memorial work successful Melbourne marked by thousands for the precocious histrion and singer.

"Every time with Olivia was a spot of magic," her hubby John Easterling said connected Sunday, successful a code astatine the memorial.

The service, held successful Melbourne Australia, has seen galore A-list celebrities remembering the histrion and musician.

Guests were welcomed to the work by big David Campbell arsenic helium remembered Dame Olivia and her spirit.

Dame Olivia, best known for her quality successful Grease with John Travolta, passed distant aged 73 successful August 2022.


Image: John Travolta and Olivia Newton John starred successful the iconic movie Grease. Pic: AP

A emotion communicative

Easterling spoke connected his precocious wife, the emotion they shared and the beingness that they had together.

"We did stock immoderate hard times successful our beingness earlier similar everyone has and we were conscionable talking astir however fortunate we were to person recovered each other," helium said.

Easterling said that each time with Dame Olivia was "supernatural" and that the emotion they shared was "natural" betwixt them.

 The Today Show

Image: Pic: The Today Show

Described arsenic a "healer" with her words and work, Easterling besides remembered the precocious vocalist for her talents successful the euphony industry.

"She was the astir courageous pistillate I've ever met," helium added.

Chloe Lattanzi besides took centre signifier to wage tribute to her mother.

 The Today Show

Image: Pc: The Today Show

"My bosom is breached successful two, the different fractional is with my mama," she said.

"I cognize she's holding it for maine until we conscionable again."

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'The satellite mislaid 1 of its top talents'

Fellow colleagues, actors and singers celebrated the precocious singer's beingness and the interaction she had connected them.

Video tributes were shared with friends, household and fans, arsenic the Jolene vocalist Dolly Parton spoke connected her emotion for Dame Olivia.

"The satellite mislaid 1 of its top talents," she said.

"I cognize it's particularly achy for each the folks determination successful Australia, since she's 1 of your own."

The vocalist said the state mourns the nonaccomplishment of Dame Olivia and that she volition everlastingly "honour" singing with her respective times.

British vocalist and composer Elton John said Dame Olivia was idiosyncratic that helium would "look guardant to seeing."

Speaking connected her quality helium said she was a "wonderful unit of nature," and that she was filled with overmuch warmth, humour and talent.

 7 News Australia

Image: Pic: 7 News Australia

Australian vocalist Delta Goodrem performed a medley of Dame Olivia's songs to extremity the service.

She said: "Being capable to honour and observe Olivia is incredibly special.

"I deliberation it's truly important to everybody for healing."

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