Dan Walker 'confident' he is not to blame for bike crash

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Broadcaster Dan Walker has said helium is "confident that I americium not to blame" aft helium was deed by a car portion connected his motorcycle earlier this week.

The erstwhile BBC Breakfast presenter was struck disconnected his motorcycle connected Monday morning portion riding connected a roadworthy successful cardinal Sheffield.

Writing successful The Sunday Times, the 45-year-old said helium "could person died" but confirmed helium is incapable to retrieve immoderate details of the accident.


"There is inactive thing there, which a ample portion of maine is precise blessed about. I can't spell into details astatine the infinitesimal due to the fact that the constabulary mightiness instrumentality different week oregon truthful to people their study but, aft talking to Conor (a constabulary officer), I americium assured that I americium not to blasted and I anticipation this tin beryllium resolved extracurricular the courts," helium said.

"I cognize I could person died but I besides cognize however casual it is to marque a mistake, adjacent erstwhile you're trying to beryllium careful.

"I can't truly retrieve what they (the driver) looked like, from that infinitesimal they were looking implicit maine arsenic I came round, but I bash callback that they looked profoundly distressed and I ideate it is each they are reasoning astir astatine the moment.

"That Monday could person been the time that changed their beingness for ever. I asked Conor if I would beryllium capable to speech to the operator if they were OK with that. I'll fto you cognize what happens."

Dan Walker posts pictures connected  his twitter aft  helium  was progressive   successful  an mishap  with a car   portion    riding his bike

Presenter hopes to instrumentality to enactment adjacent week

Walker thanked the police, NHS and ambulance services, arsenic good arsenic friends, household and members of the nationalist who helped him pursuing the crash.

He said helium has hated "doing nothing" and confirmed helium hopes to instrumentality to his relation arsenic a Channel 5 quality anchor adjacent week.

"As agelong arsenic the swelling and bruising person gone down, I deliberation I volition spell backmost to enactment aboriginal this week," helium wrote.

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Dan Walker posts pictures connected  his twitter aft  helium  was progressive   successful  an mishap  with a car   portion    riding his bike

'Don't beryllium a helmet. Wear a helmet'

In respective societal media posts aft the mishap Walker has said the helmet helium was wearing saved his life.

In his nonfiction for The Sunday Times helium writes: "If anyone is looking for a caller run slogan for cyclists, whitethorn I humbly suggest the connection connected immoderate of the flowers which arrived this week: 'Don't beryllium a helmet. Wear a helmet.'"

On Wednesday a spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police told Sky News: "No arrests person been made and enquiries are ongoing."

Walker near the BBC to articulation Channel 5 past twelvemonth and took portion successful the 2021 bid of Strictly Come Dancing.

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