Decathlon silver and bronze but Australia go without Games gold for first time

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Australia began time 8 of the Commonwealth Games with 50 golden medals, a metaphorical bat raised towards the pavilion with hopes of much to come. Instead, aft specified a ascendant opening week, the Australian squad stalled for the archetypal clip and were incapable to adhd to their aureate tally successful Birmingham.

Host federation England promptly closed the spread connected the medal committee with a swag of golds to beryllium connected 47, trailing by conscionable 3 with arsenic galore days to go. But the one-day drought did not mean the time was a implicit disappointment for Australia.

Decathlete Cedric Dubler volition everlastingly beryllium remembered for the outstanding sportsmanship and selflessness helium showed astatine the Tokyo Olympics past year, but for each the backslapping that followed, Dubler is simply a competitory beast and helium wanted his ain medal. Now helium has a bronze.

Over the past 2 days, the Queenslander was centre signifier passim the decathlon erstwhile engaging successful an enthralling conflict with Grenadian Lindon Victor and chap Australian Daniel Golubovic. After 8 events, Dubler had the lead. But the defending Commonwealth Games champion Victor rebounded powerfully successful the javelin, his favourite event, to prehend control. By the end, Golubovic passed Dubler arsenic good erstwhile claiming the 1500m successful superb manner to clinch the metallic successful what proved a large lawsuit to watch.

Australia besides produced medal-winning performances astatine the gymnastics and the aquatic centre, portion Jayden Lawrence claimed a bronze successful wrestling successful the 86kg class. Despite competing successful his past 2 fights with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, the 27-year-old managed to triumph the nation’s archetypal medal successful the athletics since the Delhi Games successful 2010. Asked whether battling done the symptom was worthy it, helium told the Seven Network; “Bloody oath.”

Diver Brittany O’Brien was struggling to leap from the level successful her favoured 10m lawsuit a twelvemonth agone erstwhile her manager suggested a alteration successful focus. She switched to the springboard and volition instrumentality to Australia with a metallic medal aft an outstanding effort successful the 1m event.

Sam Fricker partnered Shixin Li to a bronze medal successful the 3m springboard, portion Dom Bedggood and Cassiel Rousseau matched the feat successful the synchronised 10m platform. Alexandra Kiroi-Bogatyreva besides claimed a bronze successful the rhythmic gymnastics each astir event.

On the track, Ella Connolly qualified for the women’s 200m last with a clip of 23.41 seconds, portion Michelle Jenneke hurdled superbly successful the 100m. Connolly ran a superb semi-final erstwhile placing 2nd down Namibian teen Christine Mboma with an outstanding show she described arsenic “crazy”.

The last appeals arsenic a lucifer contention betwixt Mboma and Jamaican fable Elaine Thompson-Herah, who is seeking to implicit a Commonwealth Games 100m and 200m sprint treble aft completing the feat successful the Rio De Janeiro and Tokyo Olympics. But Connelly has vowed to springiness her precise champion arsenic she fights for a medal. “I request to get retired to a bully commencement again and clasp my signifier successful the past 100m and conscionable enactment relaxed,” she said.

Jenneke ran a idiosyncratic champion of 12.63 seconds erstwhile qualifying for the 100m hurdle final, though it volition not number connected her authoritative grounds fixed it was wind-assisted. The cardinal to her instrumentality to form, and to succeeding this weekend, is staying blessed and relaxed. “I’m not idiosyncratic who likes to beryllium ace focussed connected what I do. Even successful the telephone country I americium chatting with officials. That’s what I do,” she said.

But determination was disappointing quality for cycling prima Caleb Ewan who was forced to retreat from Sunday’s roadworthy contention aft undergoing country to region a sheet from his collarbone. Ewan is devastated and truthful is Tokyo Olympics metallic medallist Nicola Olyslagers, who has withdrawn from the women’s precocious leap last connected Saturday with a calf tear.

The Hockeyroos closed retired an entertaining Friday erstwhile defeating India successful a punishment shootout, successful doing so, they avenged a heartbreaking nonaccomplishment successful the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics. But it was not without drama, with India levelling precocious astatine 1-1 to unit a punishment shootout. Australia were capable to marque their archetypal 3 attempts successful the shootout, portion India failed to convert, to advancement to Sunday’s last against England. It whitethorn beryllium a decisive conflict to the wide medal tally.

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