Dining across the divide: ‘She is a big conspiracy theorist – I came out thinking, what was that?’

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June, 75, Helensburgh


Occupation Self-employed, a trained chef

Voting grounds Once voted SNP, but ne'er again. Used to ballot Conservative, but decided 3 years agone to desist from voting altogether

Amuse bouche Sings successful an inclusive choir, which precocious performed with a nationalist ballet company

Shelby, 25, Glasgow


Occupation Project manager

Voting record Usually Labour successful wide elections and Green successful section elections

Amuse bouche Is the archetypal pistillate successful her household to articulation the operation industry

For starters

June I hadn’t heard of the edifice and was pleasantly surprised. The haddock and chips was delicious.

Shelby I had citrus sole, broccoli and chips. Best happening I’ve eaten successful truthful long.

June Shelby is simply a lovely, beauteous girl. She’s vibrant, enthusiastic and curious. She has a thirst for knowledge.

Shelby June is simply a large conspiracy theorist. She was truthful lovely, but I came retired going, “What was that conversation?”

June and Shelby sitting astatine  a edifice  table

The large beef

June I judge Covid was the biggest hoax our civilisation has seen successful a agelong long time. I evidently don’t cognize what caused it, but I fishy it whitethorn beryllium a bioweapon released connected humanity, possibly from chemtrails, h2o supply, food, whatever. I can’t beryllium immoderate of this, but I conscionable articulation the dots and usage my eyes, believing what I see.

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Shelby Her mentation was that everyone tin heal themselves: you don’t request antibiotics, you don’t request aesculapian attraction unless your limb has fallen off. I said, “I don’t hold with you there.” I person duplicate boys who person a familial information affecting their immune system, truthful I did person to springiness her that perspective: “You mightiness deliberation it works for you. But it’s not a reality.”

June I judge it wasn’t close to unopen down tiny businesses and support unfastened large supermarkets with hundreds of radical successful them. Lots of things I saw didn’t adhd up. I deliberation lockdowns were disastrous for everyone. I cognize idiosyncratic who died successful hospital, my friend’s mother. She died and my person didn’t get to spot her. That’s perfectly inhumane.

Shelby She thought Covid was portion of a concealed docket to get radical to enactment in, to enactment obedient. She believes it was a bioweapon. I said, “Even if it was a bioweapon, it was inactive a virus, no?” But no, she doesn’t judge successful the dispersed of diseases.

June and Shelby sitting astatine  a edifice  table

Sharing plate

June I was rather amazed that she was successful favour of trans radical going into schools and nurseries. I americium not. I deliberation it tin spell excessively acold and it tin power children who are not acceptable to beryllium influenced successful that direction. So we disagreed connected that, but successful a affable way.

Shelby A large happening for her is the gender-recognition legislation that’s conscionable passed successful Scotland. Basically, she thinks there’s a bigger agenda. She doesn’t deliberation resistance has a spot successful schools. I deliberation she’s got it into her caput that each trans radical are resistance performers: resistance and transgender are the aforesaid to June. I tried to explicate to her that trans radical are mean people. I similar to deliberation I got her to instrumentality that point.

June If a trans idiosyncratic was a teacher, that would beryllium truly tricky. They could thatch the curriculum, but it wouldn’t beryllium OK if they were teaching children astir their idiosyncratic lives. It’s starring them down a way that they whitethorn not privation to go. Their brains aren’t ready.

June and Shelby sitting astatine  a edifice  table

For afters

Shelby I’m precise overmuch pro-monarchy: it’s a cardinal portion of being British. I emotion the thought of the coronation – it gives you a consciousness of community. June’s presumption was that they are parasites. They person excessively overmuch wealth and wealth. And they’re fundamentally each paedophiles who get distant with everything. We did interruption that down a bit. I said, “Maybe 1 oregon 2 radical successful the household person faced allegations, but to telephone the full household that is simply a spot unfair and a spot naive.”

June I’m powerfully against them. I question wherefore Charles would beryllium friends with Jimmy Savile, who was fixed a knighthood. You can’t archer maine that the information services that situation the royals don’t person afloat cognition of what these radical are.

June and Shelby sitting astatine  a edifice  tabl


Shelby She was truthful agreeable that we got to the extremity of the repast and she said, “I consciousness similar we agreed connected everything,” and I thought, “No, we decidedly didn’t.”

June She’s lovely. I privation I was her. I conscionable privation I’d had a fraction of her cognition erstwhile I was her age.
Additional reporting: Kitty Drake

June and Shelby ate astatine Crabshakk successful Glasgow

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