Dozens killed in train crash in eastern India

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At slightest 50 radical person been killed and 300 injured aft a rider bid derailed and collided with a goods bid successful eastbound India.

Rescuers were attempting to escaped dozens much radical feared trapped successful the derailed coaches, said DB Shinde, the Balasore territory head successful Odisha state.

Amitabh Sharma, a railway ministry spokesperson, said pieces of the derailed bid had fallen connected to a adjacent way wherever different rider bid travelling successful the other absorption deed them. Details were not instantly known.

The Press Trust of India quality bureau said the derailed Coromandel Express was traveling from Howrah successful West Bengal to Chennai, the superior of Tamil Nadu.

Television images showed rescue teams trying to region passengers from mangled coaches. Delhi tv quality reported that 179 radical had been taken to hospital.

Despite authorities efforts to amended safety, respective 100 accidents hap each twelvemonth connected India’s railways, which with 40,000 miles (64,000km) of way is the world’s largest web nether 1 management.

Two trains collided adjacent Delhi successful August 1995, sidesplitting 358 radical successful the worst bid mishap successful India’s history.

Most bid accidents are blamed connected quality mistake oregon outdated signalling equipment.

More than 12 cardinal radical question connected 14,000 trains a time crossed India.

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