Draw not the worst start for South Korea at World Cup, but three points next up now a must

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After seeing chap Asian contenders Saudi Arabia and Japan propulsion disconnected stunning wins implicit Argentina and Germany respectively successful the past 2 days, South Korea failed to marque it 3 successful a enactment for the continent arsenic they began their 2022 FIFA World Cup run with a 0-0 draw against Uruguay connected Thursday.

In a keenly-contested brushwood astatine Education City Stadium that was bereft of galore wide openings, South Korea's champion accidental came successful the archetypal fractional erstwhile Hwang Ui-jo blazed wildly implicit from decent presumption pursuing a well-worked determination down the right.

Nonetheless, it was Uruguay who came closest to breaking the deadlock aft but the woodwork doubly came to South Korea's rescue to contradict Diego Godin and Federico Valverde and permission some sides with a stock of the spoils.

Given however competitory Group H is shaping up to be, with Portugal and Ghana completing the quartet, a constituent from the opening lucifer mightiness not beryllium an perfect commencement -- but it is besides acold from a devastating blow.

There were surely positives for South Korea manager Paulo Bento.

Chief of all, talismanic skipper Son Heung-min was not lone acceptable to commencement the match, but looked lively passim and was acceptable capable to past the 90 minutes contempt it being his archetypal lucifer enactment since suffering a facial fracture astatine the commencement of the month.

While helium antecedently was seen perpetually adjusting his protective disguise successful grooming sessions up of Thursday, the Tottenham antheral looked unbothered by the facial covering arsenic helium consistently tried to make openings successful the last 3rd against Uruguay.

There is besides the information that Bento's midfield trio of Jung Woo-young, Hwang In-beom and Lee Jae-sung worked to perfection.

With Jung sitting conscionable successful beforehand of the defence and doing astir of the soiled work, Hwang and Lee were capable to assistance the attackers connection the archetypal enactment of unit connected the absorption precocious up the field, portion besides looking to supply thrust guardant erstwhile the South Koreans had the ball.

While the last possession number was 56% to 44% successful Uruguay's favour, South Korea mostly controlled proceedings successful the opening hr and hardly allowed their opponents to find immoderate existent fluidity.

Then, determination is besides the information that the Taegeuk Warriors were capable to support astatine bay a squad boasting celebrated names specified arsenic Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunez, Edinson Cavani, Federico Valverde and Rodrigo Bentancur.

Granted, they did person the woodwork to convey for 2 adjacent shaves but goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu was a reliable beingness betwixt the sticks, portion Kim Min-jae and Kim Young-gwon combined good to nullify immoderate menace from the wily Suarez.

There are nevertheless areas that request improvement. Primarily, it remains to beryllium seen if either Hwang Ui-jo oregon Cho Gue-sung tin beryllium the focal constituent successful onslaught that leads the South Koreans to the knockout circular of the World Cup.

Both volition ne'er neglect to enactment successful a tireless displacement and are blessed to enactment their assemblage connected the enactment and sacrifice their ain play successful bid to bring others similar Son, Lee and Hwang into play -- but determination volition beryllium times erstwhile they volition beryllium needed to find the backmost of the nett too.

As illustrated by Hwang's gilt-edged miss, his planetary grounds of 16 goals from 50 caps is conscionable not 1 that instils assurance that helium could beryllium the antheral for the large infinitesimal erstwhile the Taegeuk Warriors truly request him.

Overall, specified a show connected Thursday against a squad 14 spots higher than them successful the FIFA satellite rankings bodes good for South Korea up of their adjacent crippled connected Monday, erstwhile they instrumentality connected Ghana.

Three points against the Ghanaians -- the lowest-placed squad astatine the tourney successful 61st spot successful the satellite rankings -- is simply a must, particularly fixed their last radical crippled volition beryllium up against Portugal.

So, 1 constituent against Uruguay is so alright. One constituent against Ghana successful 4 days' clip volition not be.

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