Drug smuggling tunnel with railway track found under US-Mexico border

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US officials person discovered an underground passageway astir the magnitude of 5 shot pitches utilized to smuggle drugs from Mexico to a warehouse successful California.

It is not known however agelong the concealed passage, which has a railway track, ventilation systems, energy and reinforced walls, had been operating.

Investigators recovered the passageway aft staking retired a location utilized to stash drugs successful the Mexican borderline metropolis of Tijuana and stopping vehicles adjacent the warehouse successful Otay Mesa, southbound of San Diego.

They turned up boxes afloat of cocaine, according to a national transgression ailment filed successful San Diego.

The warehouse was connected a thoroughfare that was engaged during the time but quiescent astatine night, with equipped guards watching implicit a tiny shaft with a ladder that descended into the tunnel.

Agents raided the warehouse and recovered nary drugs determination but a passageway opening carved into the cement floor.

The passage, discovered past week, ran a 3rd of a mile (532m) to Tijuana and was 4ft (1.2m) wide.

Six radical from Southern California, aged 31 to 55, were charged with conspiring to administer cocaine.

Authorities seized 799kg of cocaine, 75kg of meth and 1.6kg of heroin successful transportation with the investigation.

"There is nary much airy astatine the extremity of this narco-tunnel," said Randy Grossman, a authoritative for the Southern District of California.

"We volition instrumentality down each subterranean smuggling way we find to support illicit drugs from reaching our streets and destroying our families and communities."


Image: The opening of the transition was recovered successful a warehouse successful California. Pic: AP

The transition was discovered successful an country wherever much than a twelve different blase tunnels person been recovered successful the past 2 decades.

The authorities did not nexus the latest passageway to immoderate circumstantial cartel.

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