Dutch courage: a family home in Amsterdam balances the old with new

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We weren’t really readying to determination house,” says Rebecca Boektje. “Our son, Xan, was conscionable six weeks old. But my husband, Bo, is addicted to property agents’ websites and saw this house. Even though we thought it was retired of our league, we decided to presumption it anyway.”

Then the pandemic broke retired and abruptly the fig of carnal viewings permitted per time was greatly reduced. This meant that, successful turn, galore imaginable viewers and purchasers dropped out, leaving a model of accidental for Rebecca, 38, and Bo, 42, which they seized wholeheartedly. They enactment successful an offer, which was accepted, and they became the owners of this fantastic aged spot successful the historical Plantage territory of Amsterdam.

Rebecca, a question blogger and influencer, says: “The aged mates who were selling the location had lived present forever. They had raised their household present and filled it with fantastic memories. They realised we wanted to bash the same. We were looking for a everlastingly location for our increasing family. That resonated with the couple, who were blessed to entrust america with their house.”

Rebecca Boektje successful  the sitting room.
‘I wanted to spell each out’: Rebecca Boektje successful the sitting room. Photograph: Studio MUK/Living Inside

But determination was overmuch enactment to beryllium done to elevate the interior into the 21st century, portion maintaining its diagnostic exterior. They upgraded the plumbing and wiring, took down walls and removed floors. They adjacent relocated staircases. It was each portion of turning their imagination into reality, creating the household location they wanted successful which to rise their 3 children, girl Yuki (five), lad Ravi (three) and lad Xan (now two).

“I spot my 3 kids increasing up here, being existent metropolis children astatine the bosom of wherever it’s each at, portion astatine the aforesaid clip having the luxury of an amazing, spacious plot wherever they tin chill retired with their friends.”

Rebecca loves to harvester aged with new, high-end with budget, and to play astir with style, texture and colour. “I wanted to spell each retired connected this house,” she says. “After all, if I get sick of a colour, I tin ever overgarment implicit it.”

The couple’s chamber  with drapes.
Sleep easy: the couple’s bedroom. Photograph: Studio MUK/Living Inside

Bo sourced the room connected Instagram from a institution called BySensa. They wanted it to beryllium low-maintenance and worry-free, truthful the antagonistic apical is composite, a applicable enactment for a location with increasing children. They kept the archetypal ceiling beams, but installed astute lightning with Philips Hue and Gira International switches.

Then, to crook the room into an astonishing eye-catcher, they called successful the assistance of Solid Nature for the astonishing bar. “I had a imaginativeness of a marble barroom and – voilà! – I got one!” The barstools are from Décor Amsterdam, the retro lampshades are handmade successful London by Beauvamp

and the candlesticks are from Doing Goods.

The free-standing bath and thenar  histrion   adjacent  to it
Exotic plant: the free-standing bath and palm. Photograph: Studio MUK/Living Inside

Upstairs, a herringbone level successful the chill abstraction separates it from the surviving area, portion a slash of exposed ceramic partition is “so New York loft, I emotion it,” says Rebecca, who admits it took immoderate persuading to person Bo it would work. Complementing the aesthetic is simply a pinkish sofa from the Sofa Company, a handmade Indian leopard pouf from Doing Goods and ample circular mirrors from Bold Monkey.

Meanwhile the adjacent surviving abstraction walls are painted successful Merlot Mania from Vestingh overgarment institution with a greenish velvet sofa from Sissy Boy, and greenish java array from SMAQQ.

On the apical floor, the loft of the house, is the maestro suite with Rebecca’s pridefulness and joy, the en suite bathroom, separated from the chamber by a walk-in closet and monolithic wardrobe.

“I ever dreamed of a free-standing tub with a thenar tree,” she says. “I had seen thing akin successful Thailand erstwhile connected vacation and yet I person my own.”

their daughter’s chamber  with bespoke bed.
Sweet dreams: their daughter’s chamber with bespoke bed. Photograph: Studio MUK/Living Inside

With the walls astatine a slant, features had to beryllium customized made. The vanity portion was handcrafted locally by Amstelvliet Bouw, to Rebecca’s plan and worldly choice, and the lavation basin is chopped from onyx by Solid Nature. “Onyx is 1 of my favourite materials,” she says. “I recovered it astatine a specializer trader and based the colour strategy connected the accents successful the stone.”

Even the curve of the scalloped splashback tiles camouflages the slant of the wall.

Of the full project, Rebecca says: “It was ne'er a chore! I conscionable emotion creating the close ambience successful my home.”

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