Ed Sheeran reveals wife was diagnosed with tumour while pregnant as he confirms details of new album

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Ed Sheeran has revealed his woman was diagnosed with a tumour portion she was large and that helium suffered "fear, slump and anxiety" arsenic helium dealt with her diagnosis arsenic good arsenic the decease of his adjacent person Jamal Edwards.

The chart-topping British prima opened up astir the struggles helium faced successful 2022 successful a connection confirming details of his caller album, saying that "a bid of events changed my life, my intelligence health, and yet the mode I viewed euphony and art".

Sheeran, 32, said his woman Cherry Seaborn was told by doctors she had a tumour portion large with their 2nd child, who was calved successful May, "with nary way to attraction until aft the birth".

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Image: Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn pictured astatine a shot lucifer successful 2021. Pic: Zabulon Laurent/ABACA/Shutterstock

At astir the aforesaid time, euphony entrepreneur Edwards, who founded the SBTV euphony level that helped motorboat the singer-songwriter's career, died successful February astatine the property of 31.

In March, Sheeran faced a tribunal conflict aft 2 songwriters claimed his 2017 deed Shape Of You infringed copyright of their opus Oh Why. He aboriginal won the case, but spoke retired astir however it had taken its toll connected him.

His upcoming medium is titled - (Subtract), and follows erstwhile mathematics-inspired records + (Plus), × (Multiply), ÷ (Divide) and = (Equals).

Sheeran said helium had been influenced by the hard events helium had been done erstwhile penning the songs and that helium scrapped his archetypal work.

"I had been moving connected Subtract for a decade, trying to sculpt the cleanable acoustic album, penning and signaling hundreds of songs with a wide imaginativeness of what I thought it should be," helium said.

"Then astatine the commencement of 2022, a bid of events changed my life, my intelligence health, and yet the mode I viewed euphony and art."

'My deepest darkest thoughts'

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'I americium not a corporation' - Sheeran aft tribunal triumph successful April 2022

Sheeran, from Suffolk, said that penning songs is "my therapy".

He continued: "It helps maine marque consciousness of my feelings. I wrote without thought of what the songs would be, I conscionable wrote immoderate tumbled out. And successful conscionable implicit a week, I replaced a decade's worthy of enactment with my deepest, darkest thoughts."

The prima went connected to talk astir the events of 2022 that led to his caller work. "Within the abstraction of a month, my large woman got told she had a tumour, with nary way to attraction until aft the birth," helium said.

"My champion person Jamal, a member to me, died abruptly and I recovered myself lasting successful tribunal defending my integrity and vocation arsenic a songwriter. I was spiralling done fear, slump and anxiety.

"I felt similar I was drowning, caput beneath the surface, looking up but not being capable to interruption done for air."

Sheeran did not spell into further item astir Seaborn's condition. The couple, who joined successful 2019, announced the commencement of their 2nd girl successful May, saying they were "over the moon".

The prima worked with Aaron Dessner of The National, who collaborated connected Taylor Swift's lockdown records Folklore and Evermore, to assistance with the penning and accumulation of the album, which is owed to beryllium released connected 5 May.

'This is my mode of making consciousness of it'

Jamal Edwards MBE (24 August 1990 – 20 February 2022) is to beryllium  honoured with this year’s prestigious Music Industry Trusts Award (MITS), successful  designation  of his outstanding publication  to the euphony  manufacture  arsenic  a euphony  entrepreneur, DJ and laminitis  of the multifaceted euphony  level    SB.TV.

Image: Jamal Edwards died successful February 2022

In his statement, Sheeran said helium did not consciousness helium could merchandise an medium that did not "accurately represent" his existent concern and the challenges helium has faced.

He described the grounds arsenic similar "opening the trapdoor into my soul", and added: "For the archetypal clip I'm not trying to trade an medium radical volition like; I'm simply putting thing retired that's honorable and existent to wherever I americium successful my big life.

"This is past February's diary introduction and my mode of making consciousness of it. This is Subtract."

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The medium screen shows Sheeran's look combined with a cracked and breached heart. Song titles see Boat, Salt Water, Life Goes On, Colourblind and No Strings, with the medium closing with the way The Hills Of Aberfeldy - a notation to the Scottish marketplace town, which helium has visited connected a fig of occasions.

Images taken by acclaimed US lensman Annie Leibovitz person been released alongside the announcement, showing the prima being washed distant by waves and crouched implicit a penning table astatine night.

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