Ed Sheeran says other singers are cheering him on over copyright trial

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Ed Sheeran says helium has received encouragement from different singers, arsenic helium faces the 2nd week of a copyright proceedings alleging helium ripped disconnected iconic Marvin Gaye deed Let's Get It On successful his opus Thinking Out Loud.

The 32-year-old star, who denies copying the deed 1973 psyche way which was written by Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend, has truthful acold spent 2 days successful the witnesser container astatine the Manhattan national courtroom successful New York.

Sheeran said helium has heard from different singers since the proceedings began past week due to the fact that they stock his worries astir litigation resulting from their ain songwriting.

The Suffolk-born prima did not place who the singers successful question were, but said they are cheering him connected - grateful that helium is lasting up against what each songwriters presumption arsenic a menace to their work.

"When you constitute songs, idiosyncratic comes aft you," Sheeran said.

He has truthful acold offered a spirited defence of his work, and some sung and played the guitar for the Manhattan courtroom.

In the archetypal week of the trial, Sheeran gave a little mini-performance of his deed Thinking Out Loud, which reached fig 1 successful 2014 successful much than a twelve countries, including the UK, US and Ireland.

The prolific creator has said helium uses his ain mentation of phonetics to make songs quickly, saying helium is capable to constitute up to 9 songs a day.

The proceedings stems from a suit filed by Townsend's daughter - Kathryn Townsend Griffin - respective years ago, seeking unspecified damages.

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Ed Sheeran leaves US court

A video clip, filmed astatine a performance successful Zurich, successful which Sheeran tin beryllium heard segueing connected signifier betwixt Let's Get It On and Thinking Out Loud, was described arsenic a "smoking gun" by Townsend's lawyer during opening statements.

Sheeran has said helium uses "mashups" (switching from his opus to idiosyncratic else's and backmost again) to "spice it up a bit" during concerts, mostly choosing songs that utilised akin chords.

He besides told the tribunal that Thinking Out Loud had been antecedently referred to arsenic "the Van Morrison song" by his grounds label, calling the Northern Irish vocalist "one of the astir important influences successful my life".

Sheeran, who didn't effort to fell his irritation during cross-examination, has said helium finds it "insulting" that helium is being accused of stealing different people's songs.

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Last year, Sheeran won his High Court copyright trial against 2 songwriters who claimed helium ripped disconnected portion of 1 of their songs for his immense 2017 deed Shape Of You.

At the time, Sheeran said specified copyright claims were "way excessively common" and "made with the thought that a colony volition beryllium cheaper than taking it to court, adjacent if determination is nary ground for the claim". He said specified cases were "really damaging to the songwriting industry".

The trial, which is expected to past 2 weeks, continues.

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