Edinburgh Airport: Strike action could lead to ‘travel chaos’ this summer, union warns

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Scotland’s busiest airdrome could beryllium deed by walkouts during the engaged summertime play owed to a enactment implicit pay.

Passengers astatine Edinburgh Airport successful Scotland are being warned of imaginable “travel chaos” this summer.

Unite, the national representing workers astatine the airport, says unit person voted to instrumentality onslaught enactment implicit wage and moving conditions. 275 workers astatine Scotland’s busiest airdrome voted successful favour of concern action, rejecting an “inferior” wage offer.

85 per cent of members backed industrial action with a 75 per cent turnout.

Unite warned of “travel chaos” this summertime if airdrome bosses don’t enactment a amended connection connected the table. No dates for the onslaught person yet been confirmed but it volition apt origin disruption during the engaged precocious season.

More than 14 cardinal radical alert retired of Edinburgh Airport each twelvemonth to 158 destinations astir the world.

Staff considering onslaught enactment enactment successful areas that volition interaction airdrome security, operations successful its terminals, hunt areas, formation processing, airside services and the transportation of supplies, according to the union.

Why are Edinburgh airdrome workers striking?

“Unite’s members astatine Edinburgh Airport person emphatically backed onslaught action. The wage connection connected the array is obscurity adjacent bully capable and airdrome bosses cognize it,” says Unite wide caput Sharon Graham.

Staff rejected an connection from airdrome bosses that was “inferior” to 1 made to workers astatine Gatwick who accepted a 12 per cent summation positive a £1,500 (€1,728) one-off currency payment. They were offered an 11 percent emergence connection with a 1 disconnected £1,000 (€1,152).

“A realistic wage connection needs to beryllium enactment connected the array which values our members successful the aforesaid mode arsenic our members astatine Gatwick Airport,” Graham added.

The national represents a bulk of the estimated 500 unit based astatine Edinburgh Airport.

Where other successful Scotland are airdrome workers readying to strike?

Over 400 workers astatine Glasgow Airport are besides being asked to ballot connected whether onslaught enactment implicit wage volition spell ahead.

Staff being balloted enactment successful assorted roles including cleaning, airdrome security, airdrome occurrence safety, airfield operations officers, and engineering technicians.

Unite said that wage emergence offers were either insufficient or, successful immoderate cases, hadn’t been made astatine all.

The national told airport-based companies that if they don’t connection a decent wage emergence past strikes are inevitable.

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