Edinburgh Festival fireworks display to end after 40 years

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Edinburgh International Festival's yearly closing fireworks show is acceptable to fizzle retired aft 40 years.

The Edinburgh Castle event, which has been a contented since 1982 and attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators, volition not tally this summertime owed to a deficiency of sponsor.

The 45-minute amusement has not taken spot for the past 3 years due to the fact that of the COVID pandemic.

As good arsenic a ticketed spot wrong Princes Street Gardens, radical could besides ticker for escaped from Princes Street oregon different viewing points crossed the capital.

A festival spokesperson said they are present looking into plans for a large-scale lawsuit that would regenerate aboriginal displays.

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They said: "The planetary festival won't beryllium staging the fireworks this year.

"We volition beryllium speaking with the different August festivals and the City of Edinburgh Council to spot what signifier a large-scale closing lawsuit mightiness instrumentality successful the future, that would regenerate the fireworks.

"The fireworks person ever been babelike connected a large sponsor, and we bash not person 1 to enactment the lawsuit this year.

"We are successful treatment astir aboriginal closing events with a wide scope of partners."

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The 76th edition, taking spot betwixt 4-27 August, volition people Nicola Benedetti's archetypal twelvemonth arsenic festival manager and volition diagnostic music, theatre, comedy, creation and opera shows.

A fig of escaped events volition instrumentality place, including the opening solemnisation and euphony successful Charlotte Square.

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