Edinburgh fringe 2022: 10 comedy shows you shouldn’t miss

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Phil Wang: The Real Hero successful All This
The British-Malaysian comic’s routines astir contention and taste quality aren’t conscionable fascinating and insightful – they besides negociate to beryllium uproariously comic and unexpectedly relatable, too. His caller amusement is definite to cement his estimation arsenic 1 the standup greats of his generation. Rachel Aroesti
9pm, Assembly George Square, 15-21 August.

Jacqueline Novak: Get connected Your Knees
The US comic’s densely worded, soul-searching and highly clever heavy dive into the taste baggage of the blowjob mightiness beryllium a tad much chin-stroking than your modular standup show, but Novak ne'er skimps connected the gags: Get connected Your Knees is simply a highly intelligent hoot. RA
10pm, Pleasance Courtyard, 11-14 August.

Chloe Petts: Transience
New schoolhouse meets aged schoolhouse successful the standup of this Kent-born newcomer, who wrings warm, accessible humour from her analyzable narration with gender. A footie obsessive with a blokey benignant of transportation and a queer extremist feminist, Petts is besides distinctly non-preachy attack to individuality politics-adjacent drama is simply a joy. RA
6pm, Pleasance Courtyard, to 28 August.

Jordan Brookes: This Is Just What Happens

Jordan Brookes.
Jordan Brookes. Photograph: Tristram Kenton/The Guardian

The fringe’s reigning champ – helium won the Edinburgh drama prize erstwhile it was past awarded successful 2019 – is known for his relentlessly meta but viscerally hilarious standup. He returns with a marginally much straightforward hour, focusing connected promiscuity, his ain look and an insult that’s haunted him for years. RA
9.55pm, Monkey Barrel Comedy,to 28 August.

Jen Ives Peak Trans
Fresh disconnected Joe Lycett’s Big Pride Party, standup Jen Ives is gaining the attraction that anyone who’s seen her unrecorded knows she deserves. Her debut hr Peak Trans promises to benignant retired the UK’s toxic emergence successful transphobia with creativity, quality and tons of laughter. Rachael Healy
7pm, Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, to 14 and 16-28 August.

The Delightful Sausage Nowt But Sea
Hilariously creepy Butlin’s-esque escapade Ginster’s Paradise earned this sketch duo an Edinburgh grant information successful 2019. Previews of their follow-up, successful which Chris Cantrill and Amy Gledhill are lured to an land by a mysterious letter, are already delivering a akin premix of the acheronian and absurd. RH
12:45pm, Monkey Barrel 4, to 16 and 18-28 August.

Bilal Zafar: Care
He led a question of genre-bending drama connected Twitch during the pandemic; present Bilal Zafar is backmost astatine the fringe, wherever helium was nominated champion newcomer successful 2016. Care explores his clip spent moving successful a attraction home, getting paid minimum wage portion looking aft affluent elders. RH
5.30pm, Underbelly Bristo Square Jersey, to 14 and 16-29 August.

Ania Magliano: Absolutely No Worries If Not
It’s already won Leicester drama festival champion caller amusement – present Magliano is taking her meditations connected individuality and Gumtree cats to the fringe. A surreal conception astir equine girls volition person you crying with laughter, portion her assured signifier beingness belies her debut status. RH
4.35pm, Pleasance Courtyard, to 28 August.


Circa Humans 2.0

Circa Humans 2.0.
Circa Humans 2.0. Photograph: Dan Himbrechts/AAP

You tin ever trust connected Australian circus troupe Circa for an acquisition richer than your mean acrobatic display. The breath-stealing tricks present travel alongside a modern creation sensibility – alternatively than elaborate sets and characters the absorption is connected the possibilities of bodies and connections betwixt people. Lyndsey Winship
6.35pm, Underbelly’s Circus Hub, to 9, 11-14, 16-21, 23- 27 August.

Akeim Toussaint: Buck Windows of Displacement
A amusement that’s been gathering steam for a fewer years present gets a level connected the Edinburgh stage. Toussaint Buck explores the bequest of slavery and colonialism done his ain travel from Jamaica to the UK successful a premix of spoken word, opus and compelling dancing. LW
8pm, the Studio, 12 & 13 August.


This Is Not a Show About Hong Kong
Using carnal theatre to research Hong Kong’s terrifying extradition laws, this aggravated caller portion of choreography from Max Percy and Friends is portion of New Diorama’s Untapped strategy for emerging companies. It’s a unsafe game; were the amusement to beryllium performed successful Hong Kong today, the squad could look up to 5 years successful prison. Kate Wyver
2pm, Underbelly Cowgate, to 14, 16-28 August.

Happy Meal
The satellite needs arsenic galore stories of trans joyousness arsenic possible, Happy Meal by Tabby Lamb (Since U Been Gone) promises a saccharine and comic emotion communicative of a transitioning teen. KW
Times vary, Traverse theatre, 7, 9-14, 16-21, 23-28 August.

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