Elizabeth Holmes owes more than $25m to Theranos, lawsuit claims

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Elizabeth Holmes presently owes much than $25m to Theranos, according to a lawsuit.

The disgraced laminitis of Theranos was sentenced past November to much than 11 years successful situation for defrauding investors, aft being convicted implicit her relation successful the humor investigating steadfast that collapsed aft its exertion was revealed to beryllium mostly fraudulent.

And she has allegedly not yet paid backmost the $25m that she owes, according to a suit which was filed past December but lone surfaced connected Friday during Holmes’s latest tribunal appearance.

According to the suit reviewed by CNBC, Holmes executed respective promissory notes during her clip arsenic Theranos CEO. In 2011, she executed 2 promissory notes successful August and December successful the amounts of $9,159,333.65 and $7,578,575.52, respectively. Then, successful December 2013, Holmes executed a promissory enactment successful the magnitude of $9,129,991.10.

Two of the payments were owed successful 2016 and the 3rd enactment was owed successful 2018. According to the lawsuit, the committee of directors astatine the fraudulent blood-drawing institution extended the notes’ presumption successful July 2016 by 5 years, CNBC reports.

The archetypal 2 notes are overdue and the outgo for the 3rd enactment is owed successful December, according to the lawsuit.

“Theranos ABC has demanded outgo of promissory Note #1 and promissory Note #2 from Holmes, but Holmes has failed to wage immoderate amounts connected relationship of promissory Note,” the suit said, CNBC reports.

Holmes, who was convicted connected 4 counts of ligament fraud and conspiracy to perpetrate ligament fraud, was ordered to self-surrender to situation connected 27 April. However, her attorneys person been attempting to hold the opening of her sentence, contempt prosecutors arguing that Holmes should commencement serving the condemnation alternatively of surviving connected a California property with an alleged monthly upkeep of implicit $13,000.

Earlier this month, Holmes’s attorneys revealed that Holmes gave birth to her 2nd child, little than 2 months aft prosecutors argued that Holmes had made an “attempt to flee” the US with a one-way summons to Mexico aft she was convicted past January.

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