Elizabeth I heavily influenced by loss of mother Anne Boleyn at young age

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Elizabeth I was heavy influenced by her parent Anne Boleyn, contempt the information that the second died erstwhile the Tudor queen was little than 3 years old, according to the historiographer and writer Tracy Borman.

As good arsenic being influenced by feminist ideas that were up of their time, Borman said determination was grounds they some experienced accent and anxiety.

The accent Boleyn was nether to nutrient an heir “is a imaginable reason” for the 3 miscarriages she suffered, Borman said. “The different mentation ... is that she was rhesus negative”, a information that tin origin miscarriages, but “surely the unit and the accent has to person toll connected Anne’s carnal health”.

Elizabeth was besides psychologically affected by the trauma of losing her parent astatine a young age, said Borman, who wrote Elizabeth’s Women, astir the women who influenced Elizabeth I.

“She was fixed to tense fits, arsenic they were described, and often tummy complaints. She had migraines. It was precise evident that she been virtually traumatised by her aboriginal past and, erstwhile she was pressed connected the contented of marriage, she would go astir hysterical.”

Her refusal to wed “went beyond her politics”, Borman believes. “Anne had near an indelible people connected Elizabeth, physically arsenic good arsenic emotionally.”

Speaking astatine the Hay festival successful Wales, Borman, said contempt the “popular myth” that Elizabeth I did not deliberation overmuch of her mother, the other was successful information true.

“Elizabeth’s actions talk louder than words,” Borman said, explaining however Elizabeth secretly wore Anne’s celebrated “A” pendant erstwhile she sat for a coating with her begetter and siblings, and filled her household with members of the Boleyn family.

Both women were besides influenced by the Princess of France, Marguerite of Navarre, Boleyn straight done her clip surviving successful France, who was a large intelligence and introduced Boleyn to the feminist ideas of Christine de Pizan.

Later, Elizabeth I discovered the enactment of Marguerite of Navarre via her stepmother Catherine Parr, and embarked connected a translation of 1 of Marguerite’s astir celebrated works, the poem Miroir de l’âme pécheresse.

“I deliberation that was a existent tribute to her precocious mother,” Borman said. “Like Anne, Elizabeth was a large flirt.” She believes the alleged Virgin Queen really was a virgin. “She had travel to equate enactment with decease from a precise aboriginal age.”

As good arsenic a historiographer and author, Borman is besides the main curator of the historical royal palaces. Last period she was photographed with the personage mates Zendaya and Tom Holland arsenic the actors took a guided circuit of Hampton Court palace.

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