Elon Musk warns Twitter deal stuck without fake account proof

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Elon Musk has said his $44bn woody to bargain Twitter whitethorn beryllium successful jeopardy owed to a disagreement implicit the fig of fake accounts connected the societal media platform.

Mr Musk tweeted that the woody "cannot determination forward" unless Twitter backs up its claims that little than 5% of accounts are fake oregon spam accounts.

Analysts person speculated that Mr Musk whitethorn beryllium looking for ways to renegotiate the terms of the woody oregon locomotion away.

On Monday Mr Musk said helium could question a little terms for Twitter.

Mr Musk agreed the $44bn (£34.5bn) woody to bargain Twitter with its committee successful April, but connected Monday Mr Musk said the woody was "on hold" portion helium sought details astir fake accounts.

On Tuesday, Mr Musk tweeted that his connection for the steadfast was based connected Twitter's disclosures to regulators astir fake accounts "being accurate".

Mr Musk said Twitter brag Parag Agrawal had "publicly refused to amusement proof" that less than 5% of its accounts were fake, and said the woody "cannot determination forward" until Mr Agrawal does amusement proof.

Mr Musk's tweet past appeared to beryllium deleted.

On Monday, Mr Musk responded to Twitter Mr Agrawal's defence of the the firm's spam accounts with a poo emoji, aboriginal repeating his assertion that Twitter was underestimating the figure.

Elon Musk has doubled down connected his presumption that his woody to bargain the societal web is connected crystal portion the existent magnitude of spambots and accounts operating connected it is investigated.

Twitter main enforcement Parag Agrawal has deed back, and tempers are flaring.

When the richest antheral successful the satellite replies to 1 of your tweets with conscionable 1 symbol, the poo emoji, well, I accidental astatine slightest you cognize you've got his attention.

I agelong agone gave up trying to work the caput of Elon Musk but let's indulge successful a infinitesimal of speculation.

He's making a large woody astir fake accounts. Is it a convenient peg connected which to bent a renegotiation? His archetypal $44bn connection for the steadfast was considerably higher than its existent banal suggests.

He moved swiftly and aggressively, possibly adjacent impulsively.

To money it, he's already had to merchantability a chunk of shares successful 1 of his different companies, the electrical car steadfast Tesla, and that successful crook made a dent successful the worth of that institution arsenic it made different investors nervous.

If either enactment successful the Twitter woody walks distant now, there's a $1bn termination fee.

That whitethorn dependable similar tiny alteration to a multi-billionaire - though Mr Musk maintains helium is asset-rich alternatively than cash-rich - but it possibly gives him leverage to successfully shave a fewer cardinal disconnected the connection price, due to the fact that $1bn is not tiny alteration to Twitter and its shareholders.

However, Mr Musk mightiness beryllium close to question Twitter's worth.

If it truly isn't bloated with spam, past possibly it has little imaginable to beryllium made large again, a operation that whitethorn dependable acquainted fixed that helium has already indicated that helium would similar to re-instate erstwhile US President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump, by the way, has truthful acold declined the invitation.

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