Energy bills: Householders urged to read meters before October price rise

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By Marita Moloney
BBC News

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Householders are being advised to work and taxable their vigor metre readings earlier Saturday up of prices rising.

This volition halt suppliers from from estimating usage and charging a higher complaint for vigor utilized earlier 1 October.

From adjacent month, the terms headdress for the mean yearly household vigor measure volition emergence from £1,971 to £2,500 - an summation of 27%.

The cap, frozen by the government, determines outgo per unit, but bills are calculated by however overmuch vigor is used.

The authorities announced the vigor terms headdress would beryllium frozen until 2024, successful an effort to bounds soaring vigor costs.

It means that bills for an mean household - 1 that uses 12,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) of state a year, and 2,900 kWh of energy a twelvemonth - volition not emergence supra £2,500.

However, if you usage much state oregon energy than that, you volition wage more.

Energy UK, the manufacture body, said customers should cheque the champion mode to taxable their metre readings earlier 1 October.

Most suppliers volition let for a fewer days either broadside of that day to nonstop their readings without penalising radical successful airy of the "unprecedented" situation.

It added that precocious telephone volumes and website postulation were expected, and work providers had offered galore channels for radical to taxable their readings.

"This week, each household crossed the UK indispensable marque definite it submits a metre speechmaking to their vigor steadfast to debar paying a penny much than they perfectly person to erstwhile prices spell up connected 1 October," said Energy Action Scotland brag Frazer Scott.

"Fuel poorness is astatine grounds levels, levels of vigor ratio improvements are simply excessively debased to supply respite and fiscal enactment is conscionable a sticking plaster connected the deepest of wounds."

Every household successful the UK volition person a one-off £400 substance measure discount from adjacent month. This volition beryllium paid straight to customers' vigor accounts implicit six months successful instalments of £66 and £67.

A archetypal instalment of £326 has already been paid to low-income households connected definite benefits and taxation credits.

On Tuesday, vigor regular Ofgem published a review which recovered that astir vigor suppliers request to amended however they assistance struggling customers wage their bills.

Campaigners person warned millions of radical volition inactive look substance poorness this wintertime - meaning a household spends 10% oregon much of its income connected energy.

Citizens Advice recommends that customers who are not capable to wage their bills should interaction their supplier straight and connection to travel up with a outgo plan.

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