England relish 'incredible' record Euros support

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MANCHESTER, England -- Georgia Stanway called connected England supporters to proceed bringing "the noise" to "rattle" the absorption arsenic they look to physique connected their 1-0 opening nighttime triumph implicit Austria successful the 2022 European Championships.

The lucifer astatine Old Trafford was played retired to a grounds assemblage for a women's Euros match, with 68,871 supporters cheering connected England. Stanway was named Player of the Match for an awesome showing successful the mediate of the park, arsenic Beth Mead scored England's victor successful the 16th infinitesimal to springiness Sarina Wiegman's squad a cardinal triumph to get their run disconnected and running.

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And post-match, Stanway called connected England's faithful to proceed backing the team.

"We request that astatine each azygous game," Stanway said. "Bring the noise. It tin rattle opposition!"

Wiegman called the ambiance "incredible" and "unbelievable".

"We had tons of sound lasting down us," Wiegman said. "I anticipation they support coming and they volition due to the fact that we've sold the tickets."

The sound was specified that Stanway said it was hard to perceive instructions from the bench, thing Leah Williamson besides spoke astir post-match.

"What an occasion," Williamson told the BBC. "The fans came out. We connected well. It was a bully commencement to the tournament. Three points is each I attraction about.

"It was beauteous special. I had nary thought what to expect. We embraced it truly well. I kept my eyes closed during the nationalist anthem. If I'd looked astatine mum I'd person started crying, if I got excessively involved. I kept it astatine bay.

"It's loud. Communication becomes harder. At times it gets successful the mode but I'd instrumentality that immoderate day. There was a large atmosphere."

For England, getting their run disconnected to a winning commencement was essential. Wiegman described immoderate aspects of their show arsenic "sloppy" but said getting the triumph was the astir important result from Wednesday evening's lucifer successful what she labelled a "mature" showing.

"We were a small rushed successful the last third," Wiegman said. "We created a batch of chances but that last touch, we tin bash better. We kept them to 1-0 which was bully and we got 3 points. [But] we mislaid the shot excessively quick. They wanted to propulsion for a extremity truthful pressed and they truly had to support the ball. We didn't bash that good enough. We were calm successful the last minutes and kept the shot longer.

"This commencement is truthful important. It gives specified a boost to the squad and the assemblage truthful that was precise important. We had immoderate bully moments successful the crippled but should person scored more. We had hard moments successful the crippled and got done them truthful that was good."

Wiegman made a astonishment enactment prime successful the build-up arsenic she opted to commencement skipper Williamson astatine centre-back alongside Millie Bright, having played Williamson for overmuch of her tenure successful midfield. The telephone meant Alex Greenwood missed out.

"That was a precise hard decision," Wiegman said. "We person tried a mates of things and successful the extremity I take the backmost 4 that went retired today. Leah Williamson, Alex Greenwood and Rachel Daly person each played a batch this season. They each bring antithetic things and they are each good."

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