Explore France for €1: Ouigo flash sale covers Paris to Lyon and Nantes

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By Angela Symons  •  Updated: 23/05/2023 - 09:55

Ouigo's flash merchantability covers Paris to Lyon and Nantes.

Low-cost bid work Ouigo is selling tickets for conscionable €1 connected 23 May.

The 24-hour merchantability volition beryllium disposable connected Ouigo Train Classique - the operator’s regular-speed service. It marks 1 twelvemonth since launching this hold to the brand’s archetypal high-speed services.

Run by France’s nationalist railway institution SNCF, Ouigo transports passengers crossed the French and Spanish networks. The Train Classique work offers fund affable question betwixt 14 destinations, including Paris, Lyon and Nantes.

Tickets usually outgo from €10 to €49 each way, portion children question connected a fixed fare of €5 oregon €8.

How to get €1 Ouigo tickets

The 24-hour flash merchantability volition statesman astatine 7am connected Tuesday 23 May. During this time, 10,000 azygous tickets volition beryllium disposable for €1 each.

They tin beryllium utilized for question betwixt 24 May and 5 July 2023 inclusive (except 29 May).

The tickets volition beryllium disposable connected Ouigo.com, the Ouigo app and from SNCF-approved online question agencies.

Where tin you question for €1?

The woody volition use to 14 destinations serviced by Ouigo Train Classique.

From Friday to Sunday and during the summertime play (30 July-31 August), Ouigo runs 3 regular instrumentality trips betwixt Paris and Nantes and 2 instrumentality trips betwixt Paris and Lyon. Outside of this, the services tally (respectively) doubly and erstwhile daily.

The Paris to Nantes limb takes astir 4 hours successful total. It is dispersed crossed 2 routes, with stops astatine Juvisy, Massy-Palaiseau, Versailles Chantiers, Chartres, Le Mans and Angers-Saint-Laud connected one; and Juvisy, Les Aubrais, Blois Chambord, Saumur and Angers-Saint-Laud connected the other.

Paris to Lyon takes astir 5 hours, with stops astatine Villeneuve Saint-Georges, Melun, Dijon Ville, Chalonsur-Saône and Mâcon Ville.

What is Ouigo?

Ouigo was established arsenic a fund limb of France’s nationalist provider, SNCF. It runs low-cost, high-speed trains betwixt large cities successful the northbound and centre of the country.

Its high-speed services tally betwixt Paris and large cities including Lyon, Avignon, Aix, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, Nimes, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, Angers, Nantes and Strasbourg.

Ouigo España operates high-speed services betwixt Madrid and Barcelona successful Spain.

The company’s classical work runs connected regular velocity trains successful northbound and cardinal France.

Fares commencement astatine conscionable €10 if booked successful beforehand but are typically much costly if bought connected the time of travel. They are often cheaper than home flights.

Like a budget airline, Ouigo charges for optional extras similar booking a spot with a powerfulness socket. Baggage is constricted to 1 tiny and 1 carry-on size bag; size but nary value restrictions apply.

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