F1: Finding Vettels of the future on the eSports circuit

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Lucas Blakeley stands, looking victorious, arsenic  helium  holds a triangular reddish  and achromatic  trophy with "esports series" written vertically on  it. He's smiling widely, with a ample  foyer successful  the background. The beforehand   extremity  of a racing car   is conscionable  disposable   successful  the backgroundImage source, McLaren

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Lucas Blakeley is an F1 World Champion connected the virtual circuit

By Alasdair Keane & Andrew Rogers

BBC Click and BBC Newsbeat

Not galore radical tin accidental they've raced against Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel and won.

But it's a boast Lucas Blakeley tin make.

He's besides a racing superstar, but you astir apt haven't heard of him.

That could beryllium due to the fact that the Scottish esports jock tin usually beryllium recovered connected the virtual way - though his triumph implicit Vettel was successful a existent car.

The pair's Race of Champions face-off successful January was the latest illustration of however lines betwixt the existent and gaming worlds successful Formula 1 are blurring.

And it's thing racing squad bosses accidental is helping them to find the stars of the future.

Lucas present races for McLaren's esports team, competing successful a planetary virtual Grand Prix.

Now successful his twenties, helium got into go-karting astatine 7 years aged and rapidly realised helium wanted to beryllium an F1 driver.

Lucas says Lewis Hamilton winning the championships successful 2007 inspired him further, but the athletics was conscionable excessively costly for him to interruption into.

"That's the harsh world for galore racing families retired there," helium says.

Image source, McLaren

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Lucas has been huffy astir racing since a young age

Lucas got a 2nd accidental erstwhile F1 launched its ain esports tourney successful 2017, providing different way into competition.

Last year, racing nether the McLaren banner, helium was crowned World Champion, starting his last contention successful rod presumption and retaining his pb throughout.

Drivers vie successful analyzable simulator rigs, with the aforesaid controls arsenic astir racing cars and screens covering drivers' beforehand and broadside views.

The races are large competitions, watched by fans worldwide connected streaming platforms similar Twitch.

According to the esports institution Gfinity, much than 45 cardinal radical watched astatine slightest 1 contention successful 2022.

And with each those eyes connected you, "the unit is immense", Lucas tells BBC Click.

"Mentally that's the hardest part, the results successful F1 esports tin alteration successful a literal flash of an eye," helium says.

"You besides larn astir yourself. How bash you respond to pressure? How does your assemblage respond? How does your caput respond?"

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The analyzable power setup for F1 esports is designed to lucifer a existent cockpit

McLaren is conscionable 1 of the large F1 teams putting attraction connected esports, with the biggest names similar Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari each taking part.

The anticipation is that getting signed volition go much accessible.

Qualification rounds usage copies of Codemasters' F1 game, with the champion players invited to scouting sessions watched by reps from the large sanction teams.

Some racing teams present spot virtual racing arsenic an important portion of their future, attracting caller endowment and making the athletics entreaty to a wider audience.

"The F1 video crippled is the closest happening you tin bash to real-life racing without getting down the instrumentality of a kart oregon a car", says Lindsey Eckhouse, Director of Licensing and Digital Products astatine McLaren Racing.

She says gaming tin assistance bid up F1 stars of the future, arsenic the virtual and carnal worlds travel together.

"As we blur those lines further and further, that's an breathtaking benignant of area, truly gathering up the adjacent procreation of endowment that comes into the sport."

The 2023 bid is present underway, with the adjacent champion acceptable to beryllium crowned earlier the extremity of the year.

And with a caller mentation of the F1 crippled retired this month, the biggest racing brands volition beryllium hoping much aspiring esports champs get down the virtual wheel.

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