Families need help with inquests, say relatives of woman who died of dairy allergy

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The household of Celia Marsh, who suffered fatal anaphylaxis aft eating a Pret a Manger “vegan” wrapper contaminated with beverage protein, person called for it to beryllium made overmuch easier for bereaved relatives to beryllium legally represented astatine analyzable inquests.

Marsh’s relatives judge that successful cases similar theirs, involving almighty companies, convoluted proviso chains and challenging science, it would beryllium intolerable to get to the information of what happened without afloat ineligible backing from an aboriginal stage.

Marsh, 41, from Melksham, Wiltshire, who had a terrible dairy allergy, died 2 hours aft eating a “super-veg rainbow flatbread” bought from a Pret successful Bath during a post-Christmas buying travel successful 2017.

On Thursday the elder coroner for Avon, Maria Voisin, concluded the wrapper contained a “dairy-free coconut yoghurt alternative” that included beverage protein, which caused Marsh’s anaphylaxis.

During a two-week inquest successful Bristol, a analyzable proviso chain, which progressive companies successful 3 countries, and hard aesculapian grounds emerged. More than 5,000 pages of documents were disclosed and 33 witnesses gave evidence.

Gareth Gower, Celia’s brother, told the Guardian it was “startling” to deliberation that immoderate families bash not person ineligible enactment for cases similar theirs.

He said: “No household tin ever beryllium prepared for the harrowing acquisition of the coronial system. To effort and navigate it, portion besides grieving for the nonaccomplishment of a loved one, is unfathomable.

“Cases similar Celia’s are highly complicated, requiring highly specializer experts successful pathology, allergy and respiratory medicine and biology health. How could it beryllium remotely imaginable for a household to [properly question] these witnesses without lawyers connected their side?”

There is nary automatic nationalist backing for a family’s ineligible costs astatine an inquest, though nationalist backing is sometimes disposable depending connected fiscal circumstances and the quality of the death. Marsh’s household managed to get assistance from the ineligible steadfast Leigh Day, which specialises successful allergy cases.

Gareth Gower added: “Family-funded ineligible practice successful a analyzable coroner’s inquest is retired of scope for astir owed to the extended cost. Families indispensable beryllium fixed the close to ineligible practice and beryllium provided a dependable for their loved 1 successful the coronial system.

“We arsenic a household consciousness we would not beryllium successful a presumption to elicit affirmative change, and assistance the prevention of aboriginal tragedies, had the failings successful the nutrient information process not been uncovered by our adept ineligible team. It is wide to america that the strategy for ineligible backing of families successful the coronial strategy is simply not acceptable for purpose.”

Other families who person mislaid loved ones aft allergic reactions person expressed vexation astatine however these often precise analyzable cases are handled successful coroner’s courts.

The household of Owen Carey, who was allergic to dairy and died an hr aft eating chickenhearted marinated successful buttermilk astatine a edifice connected his 18th birthday, have antecedently said the process was “chaotic”.

Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, whose 15-year-old daughter, Natasha, died successful 2016 aft eating a Pret baguette containing sesame seeds, said connected Friday: “In the 18 months aft Natasha died, we spent astir of our ain savings connected ineligible fees, trying and failing to navigate the analyzable coronial system. We didn’t cognize wherever to crook arsenic the wealth ran out.”

They excessively went connected to beryllium represented by Leigh Day. “We cognize that different families person ended up successful coroner’s courts with small oregon nary ineligible representation,” said Ednan-Laperouse.

Nadim Ednan-Laperouse and Gareth Gower
Nadim Ednan-Laperouse and Gareth Gower extracurricular the coroner’s tribunal astatine Ashton Mansion House, Bristol, connected 15 September 2022. Photograph: Adam Hughes/SWNS

Michelle Victor, a spouse astatine Leigh Day specialising successful nutrient safety, said: “Families who bash not person ineligible practice tin beryllium subjected to a stark powerfulness imbalance successful the coronial court.

“Allergy-related deaths are not ever decently investigated done the coronial process and they tin beryllium mistakenly recorded arsenic earthy deaths if families bash not person ineligible representation.”

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