Family condemns ‘stupid decisions’ that killed five teenagers at Buxton crash driver sentencing hearing

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A parent who mislaid her lone kid successful a horrific clang that killed 5 teenagers has described her unimaginable symptom arsenic the surviving operator waits to larn however agelong helium volition walk successful jail.

Melanie Van De Putte mislaid her 14-year-old girl Lily erstwhile a speeding Nissan Navara driven by Tyrell Edwards crashed astatine Buxton, south-west of Sydney successful September 2022.

She told the New South Wales territory tribunal astatine Campbelltown she had a batch of choler towards the 19-year-old Edwards, who awaits sentencing connected 5 counts of aggravated unsafe driving occasioning death.

“I question wherefore this happened erstwhile it could person been avoided precise easily,” she said connected Tuesday.

Van De Putte said the symptom of losing her lone kid was insurmountable and indescribable to idiosyncratic who had ne'er experienced it.

“What 1 imagines, I archer them to times that feeling by a cardinal and it doesn’t adjacent travel close,” she said.

Another household subordinate said Edwards, an adult, made “stupid decisions”.

“I conscionable don’t recognize wherefore you would bash thing truthful unsafe that not lone took 5 guiltless kids’ lives but ruined 5 families,” they said.

Lily’s father, John Van De Putte, said the clang was a horrific incident, not an accident.

“There is nary excuse,” helium told Edwards.

Gabby McLennan, 14, was besides successful the Navara erstwhile it crashed on with 15-year-olds Summer Williams and Tyrese Bechard and 16-year-old Antonio Desisto.

Edwards sustained insignificant injuries successful the clang that killed the 5 Picton precocious schoolhouse students and pleaded blameworthy to 5 counts of aggravated unsafe driving occasioning decease successful August.

Tyrese and Antonio were picked up from a work presumption astatine Bargo soon earlier 6pm and driven astir Wollondilly with Edwards “frequently exceeding the velocity limit”, crown authoritative Monika Knowles told the court.

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Edwards reached up to 147km/h and filmed himself swerving from broadside to side, according to tribunal documents.

He past travelled to Tahmoor to prime up Gabby and Lily astir 7.15pm earlier picking up Summer and travelling to get much fuel.

The P-plater sped to overtake different conveyance connected the incorrect broadside of the roadworthy and was travelling astatine astir 118km/h, much than treble the velocity bounds erstwhile helium crashed connected East Parade astatine Buxton astir 7.50pm.

The dual-cab ute slammed into 1 tree, rebounded, spun backwards and slammed into another.

The 2nd collision tore unfastened the rear cabin, throwing 4 of the 5 teenagers out.

Neighbours heard a “massive explosion” and raced to the country wherever they saw Edwards ascent retired of the wreckage.

“I’m gonna spell to jail. I can’t spell to jail. I don’t privation to spell to jail,” helium was heard saying.

The proceeding continues connected Tuesday, with different tribunal day connected Thursday arsenic a justice considers a sentence, assisted with statements from families of the killed teenagers and intelligence reports tendered connected Edwards’ behalf.

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