FIFA suspends India, U17 Women's WC in doubt

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India's close to big the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup could beryllium taken distant should a prohibition materialize. Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

FIFA announced the suspension of the All India Football Federation precocious connected Monday evening, stating the "undue power from 3rd parties, which constitutes a superior usurpation of the FIFA Statutes."

The announcement was made via a merchandise connected the FIFA website. The governing assemblage of satellite shot stated that it would assistance the suspension "once an bid to acceptable up a committee of administrators to presume the powers of the AIFF Executive Committee has been repealed and the AIFF medication regains afloat power of the AIFF's regular affairs."

The Supreme Court had placed the AIFF nether the aegis of a Committee of Administrators (CoA) that it had selected, successful May of this year. In June, the CoA had selected different committee to counsel it, but that was dissolved aft a time aft reported beardown objections from FIFA.

This suspension by FIFA has aggregate implications for Indian football, including the information that immoderate home tournaments being conducted portion the suspension is connected volition not beryllium recognised by either the AFC oregon FIFA. The nationalist teams volition not beryllium capable to play immoderate matches internationally, either.

A much pressing concern, though, is that it besides means that the FIFA U17 Women's World Cup, scheduled to beryllium hosted by India connected 11 - 30 October, cannot beryllium held successful India anymore. FIFA said they are assessing steps regarding the same.

FIFA besides said that they are successful "constant constructive interaction with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports successful India and is hopeful that a affirmative result to the lawsuit whitethorn inactive beryllium achieved."

Earlier, reports had emerged that FIFA had been firmly opposed to the inclusion of an adjacent fig of idiosyncratic members (i.e. 'eminent players') successful the electoral assemblage for the upcoming elections of the AIFF; an predetermination for which a associated FIFA-AFC assembly had already acceptable a deadline of 15 September.

Currently, the Supreme Court is acceptable to further perceive from the CoA connected the presumption of the predetermination and the enactment of the AIFF constitution connected Wednesday, August 17. That is besides the past day for filing of information for the station of AIFF president.

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