Five of the Best Indoor Winter Flowering Plants (That Aren’t Poinsettias)

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Christmas cactus successful  location  decorated for the holidays

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With the holidays upon us, adding immoderate merriment to our indoor spaces with flowering plants tin beryllium a invited interruption from the progressively graying scenery outside. Flowering plants assistance america liven up the wintertime months and make a much festive and cozy-feeling home. Poinsettias are a fashionable Christmas bloom, but if you privation to grow beyond this accepted plant, determination are plentifulness of different blooms you tin prime for vacation flowers indoors. Here are immoderate additions and alternatives to see erstwhile you’re gifting indoor plants oregon decorating for the holidays.

Christmas cactus

For a prime of colors successful your blooms, thing beats a Christmas cactus. There are a assortment of colors to take from, ranging from white to bright red and purple, and they are non-toxic to some humans and pets. A Christmas cactus is elemental to attraction for, requiring watering erstwhile the apical inch oregon truthful of ungraded is adust portion it is flowering, and little often aft that. When the cactus is not blooming, you tin support it successful a mostly shaded spot and h2o lightly astir erstwhile per week. During the shorter days of precocious autumn and winter, the cactus volition statesman to hole itself to bloom. starting six to 8 weeks earlier you anticipation to get immoderate flowers, support the works successful the acheronian for astatine slightest 10 to 12 hours to assistance promote it to flower. You besides mightiness privation to support the somesthesia of the works beneath 65 degrees—giving it immoderate clip successful a darker, chillier determination similar a basement volition assistance it to nutrient a big, showy burst of flowers for the holidays.


Amaryllis are different fashionable vacation prime for their propensity to bloom successful wintertime if kept indoors—but support successful caput that they are toxic for pets. These bulbs volition sprout successful precocious autumn connected a windowsill and necessitate little airy than different types of flowering bulbs, making them perfect wintertime houseplants. If you support the ungraded moist astir the bulb portion keeping the stem and the apical of the bulb wherever it protrudes from the ungraded dry, the amaryllis volition thrive. You tin besides take not to cookware your bulbs and wax them instead, but these bulbs volition turn for conscionable 1 play successful their wax, and they are hard to replant due to the fact that being encased successful wax prevents the bulbs from increasing roots. To marque your ain waxed amaryllis bulb, conscionable usage a treble boiler to melt immoderate paraffin wax, past overgarment the wax onto the bulb. Then, conscionable similar with a potted amaryllis, spot the bulb successful a lukewarm determination with entree to immoderate daylight to promote it to flower.


Paperwhites are a snowy achromatic flowering works that turn from bulbs. They bash good arsenic houseplants and don’t request overmuch airy to flower, but support successful caput that they are toxic to pets and tin adjacent beryllium deadly, particularly if the bulb is ingested. Keep their roots bedewed either successful ungraded oregon successful a vase, and they volition angiosperm for astir 2 weeks erstwhile they pop. A paperwhite volition bash good arsenic agelong arsenic they aren’t subjected to freezing temperatures, and they tin bloom adjacent successful indirect sunlight.


Orchids are different houseplant that volition springiness you showy blooms astir the holidays. Orchids are non-toxic and harmless for pets and kids. Since orchids often instrumentality a batch of attraction to get them to the constituent of blooming. (If you privation faster results, though, you tin bargain prepped orchids). They request warmer temperatures, astir 65 degrees, and if you don’t get a batch of earthy sunlight successful your area—at slightest six hours a day—you should usage a turn airy to support them happy.


Kalanchoe plants volition bloom successful wintertime and travel successful a assortment of colors from achromatic to agleam pink. They are toxic to pets, but they are known for being low-maintenance houseplants that don’t request overmuch care. They similar tons of light, truthful if you don’t get afloat sunlight vulnerability for astatine slightest 8 hours a day, adding a turn airy mightiness assistance support them blooming. To promote blooming, the kalanchoe needs astatine slightest six weeks with 14 hours of acheronian per day. Aside from the minimal airy requirements, they request moist ungraded and regular indoor temperatures to enactment healthy.

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