Florida nabs largest python ever found in state

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The elephantine  snakeImage source, Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Her past repast was an full white-tailed deer, and she was connected her mode to a rendezvous with a antheral snake erstwhile the largest python ever recovered successful Florida met her demise.

Weighing successful astatine 215lbs (98kg) and astir 18ft agelong (5 meters), the pistillate Burmese python was caught aft researchers utilized a antheral "scout" to find her.

She wrestled with biologists for 20 minutes earlier she was "subdued", they said Wednesday.

Pythons person go pests successful Florida arsenic invasive snakes with nary large predators, out-competing autochthonal species.

The serpents person been periodically recovered successful the authorities since irresponsible favored owners released oregon allowed favored pythons to flight years ago, with galore past going connected to thrive successful the Florida's subtropical climate.

The record-setting Burmese pistillate killed by researchers from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida was astir the tallness of a giraffe if stretched retired vertically, according to authorities biologist Ian Bartoszek.

She had been slithering astir the Florida Everglades wood erstwhile biologists, utilizing a antheral python named Dionysus outfitted with a vigor transmitter, recovered her.

He stopped astatine a spot successful the occidental portion of the forest. "We knew helium was determination for a reason, and the squad recovered him with the largest pistillate we person seen to date," Mr Bartoszek said. She was besides discovered to person been large with an astonishing 122 eggs.

The largest antheral ever recovered determination was 16ft and 140lbs.

It is estimated that she was up to 20 years aged erstwhile caught.

Researchers person been hunting pythons successful Florida for implicit 10 years successful an effort to support autochthonal taxon successful the region's ecosystem.

Since being established successful 2013, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida's python programme has removed implicit 1,000 pythons from astir 100 sq miles successful southwest Florida.

Florida besides runs an yearly contention asking the nationalist for assistance with hunting pythons. The "Python Challenge" volition tally from 5 to 14 August and is expected to gully astir 600 participants from 25 antithetic states.

Prizes see $2,500 (£2,050) for astir snakes captured, and $1,500 for the longest snake caught.

Last year's victor captured 223 pythons, portion the longest snake was 15 feet long. All snakes indispensable beryllium killed humanely.

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