Football game suspended after fan dies in 15-metre fall from stadium

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A shot crippled successful Argentina had to beryllium suspended aft a protagonist fell from the stadium.

The fan, reportedly aged successful his 50s, jumped and "died connected the spot", said a connection from nine River Plate, which had been playing rivals Defensa y Justicia astatine Estadio Mas Monumental connected Saturday.

The lucifer was suspended aft 26 minutes owed to the incident.

A connection from River Plate said: "The aesculapian work arrived instantly successful the area, arsenic did the constabulary and assorted information agencies.

"The basal wherever the deceased had his play summons was astatine 90% capacity.

"At the clip of the fall, determination was nary 3rd enactment intervention.

"It was besides recovered that determination was nary convulsive concern successful the basal oregon astir him."

'Fans chanted to halt the game'

Alberto Crescenti, manager of Buenos Aires' aesculapian attraction services system, told CBS: "He died instantly from terrible trauma.

"He fell from astir 15 metres, determination was nary push. There was thing to do."

The basal was closed for 24 hours truthful constabulary could stitchery grounds for an probe into the tragedy.

River Plate decreed a time of mourning, with their emblem astatine half-mast and nine activities reduced to a minimum.

Match referee Fernando Rapallini told shot website Ole: "At 1 constituent I heard that successful the stands they were chanting for america to halt the game.

"They told america that determination was a idiosyncratic who was serious, but the decease had not yet been confirmed.

"Four oregon 5 minutes aboriginal they told america that helium had died, truthful the information organisations told maine that the crippled was suspended."

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