Former girlfriend of Herschel Walker tells of violent apartment encounter

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A erstwhile semipermanent woman of Herschel Walker has spoken of the unit and maltreatment she says helium subjected her to, a perchance devastating tv interrogation airing conscionable earlier the Republican candidate’s Senate runoff successful Georgia connected Tuesday.

Cheryl Parsa, 61, told NBC News connected Sunday nighttime however the erstwhile shot star, who has been accused by several girlfriends and his ex-wife of mistreating them, grabbed her pharynx and threw a punch astatine her erstwhile she recovered him with different pistillate astatine his flat successful Dallas.

“He had his manus connected my throat, my chest, and past helium leaned backmost to propulsion a punch,” Parsa said of the 2005 encounter.

“And luckily, I was capable to debar that. And the punch landed connected the partition alternatively of me.”

The Guardian has contacted Walker’s representatives for comment.

Parsa’s claims, first reported by the Daily Beast past week, are the latest to roil the troubled run of Walker, who narrowly trails Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock up of Tuesday’s important Georgia election.

A triumph for Warnock would springiness his enactment a 51-49 bulk successful the Senate. The Democrats would power the enclosure adjacent if Warnock mislaid due to the fact that vice-president Kamala Harris tin formed tie-breaking votes.

Walker – who is backed by erstwhile president Donald Trump and forced the runoff erstwhile neither helium nor Warnock won 50% of the ballot successful past month’s midterms – has been accused of paying for abortions and abusing a fig of women. Some observers accidental helium could beryllium the worst campaigner Republicans person ever run.

Yet helium remains competitory successful the Georgia race, starring Democrats to bring retired large guns including Barack Obama arsenic cheerleaders successful bid to assistance unafraid the Senate spot and afloat power of the chamber.

Parsa claims the occurrence successful Dallas was 1 of respective during her five-year narration with Walker, 61, who admits to having had intelligence illness, and who successful 2013 said successful an interrogation helium had been a “messed-up” idiosyncratic with aggregate personalities.

In the NBC interview, she formed uncertainty connected his assurances that his issues were down him, fixed successful his October statement with Warnock erstwhile helium said: “I don’t request immoderate help. I’m doing well.”

Parsa said: “I judge the deception present is connected the American people, and I person to accidental what I know. I person to archer the Herschel I know.”

She past described the alleged occurrence successful the Dallas condo, during which she said Walker grabbed her by the cervix and held her caput up against a wall, and was truthful adjacent to her she could consciousness spittle connected her look arsenic helium spoke.

“He told me, ‘You privation to spot a man? I’ll amusement you a man’,” she said.

“He was pressing his forehead against mine. My caput was against the wall. He was speaking with specified unit his saliva was each implicit my face.”

NBC said it had spoken with 3 women who confirmed Parsa had told them astir Walker had allegedly done earlier helium declared his Senate candidacy.

Despite at slightest 2 allegations to the contrary, Walker has insisted helium has ne'er asked a pistillate to person an termination nor paid for one.

But helium has admitted a turbulent past. In footage utilized successful a governmental ad against Walker, his ex-wife Cindy Grossman recalled however successful 2008 helium allegedly held a weapon to her temple and said: “I’m going to stroke your effing brains out.”

She made the assertion aft his autobiography, Breaking Free, was published the aforesaid year, successful which Walker asserted helium had dissociative individuality upset with several, chiseled personalities.

Publicity for the publication by publishers Simon & Schuster said: “Herschel realized that his life, astatine times, was simply retired of control. He often felt angry, self-destructive, and incapable to link meaningfully with friends and family.”

In October, Walker’s lad Christian called his begetter a convulsive liar and hypocrite, who near his woman and children connected respective occasions for different women.

“How situation you prevarication and enactment arsenic though you’re immoderate moral, Christian, upright man. You’ve lived a beingness of destroying different people’s lives,” helium wrote connected Twitter.

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