Former Maryland trash hauler graduates from Harvard Law School

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The antheral who worked arsenic a trash hauler successful Maryland earlier earning planetary quality headlines by gaining admittance into the prestigious Harvard Law School has graduated.

Rehan Staton received his juris doctorate from Harvard aft walking crossed the signifier successful his headdress and gown during a commencement ceremonial connected Thursday day astatine the school’s field successful Cambridge, Massachusetts.

To headdress disconnected what is apt to beryllium among the astir uplifting stories of this spring’s US assemblage graduation season, spectators treated Staton to immoderate of the loudest cheers heard during the 90-minute ceremony, including 1 idiosyncratic who could intelligibly beryllium heard shouting: “My lad – go, Rehan!”

A video of Rehan Staton receiving his Harvard instrumentality grade connected Thursday, 25 May 2023.

As a illustration published precocious connected Harvard’s website recounted, Staton and his member were raised by their father, who worked arsenic galore arsenic 3 jobs astatine a clip arsenic helium tried to marque ends meet. Even then, the household did not ever person a reliable proviso of nutrient oregon electricity.

Staton astatine 1 constituent dreamed of a nonrecreational vocation successful taekwondo oregon boxing, hoping that helium could gain a luck successful either athletics which would fto him assistance his household retired of poverty. But a superior wounded to his enarthrosis chopped those aspirations short, and aft precocious schoolhouse helium got a occupation alongside his older brother, Reggie, moving for a trash and recycling institution successful Bladensburg, Maryland.

He has openly discussed however immoderate of his colleagues astatine that occupation had antecedently spent clip successful prison, and they pleaded with him to bash his implicit champion to get a assemblage education. Staton yet enrolled astatine Bowie State University, conscionable southbound of Baltimore, and aboriginal transferred to the University of Maryland.

Staton made singular sacrifices to acceptable himself up for success, and truthful did his family. His member dropped retired of assemblage aft their begetter had a changeable to amended enactment their household financially.

Staton besides worked, cleaning garbage bins and collecting trash for 3 hours successful the mornings opening astatine 4am earlier going to classes. But, with his brother’s help, helium could besides dedicate a important magnitude of his clip to studying.

It each paid off. Staton won the favoritism of serving arsenic his undergraduate class’s commencement talker astatine Maryland, and 5 of the 9 instrumentality schools to which helium applied accepted him.

He chose to be Harvard successful 2020, and helium became a viral media sensation erstwhile the quality reported connected his family’s story.

Staton told Harvard’s website that the quality sum connected him was uncomfortable astatine times. “The media presented it arsenic a blessed communicative – thing like, ‘Garbage Man Applies to Harvard, Gets In,’” helium said. “But I did it to prevention my family.”

However, helium acknowledges that determination were benefits to the attention.

Notably, erstwhile Tyler Perry heard Staton’s story, the renowned film-maker stepped up to screen his tuition. Many instrumentality professors and attorneys besides came guardant to mentor Staton.

In summation to pursuing his instrumentality grade astatine Harvard, Staton raised much than $70,000 successful donations for the school’s enactment staff, including nutrient servers, custodians and electricians. The effort led him to recovered a question which helium has dubbed the Reciprocity Effect, which aims to assistance enactment unit astatine different universities arsenic good arsenic corporations.

Staton has been preparing to statesman a occupation astatine a New York instrumentality steadfast which helium lined up earlier graduating alongside much than 730 chap Harvard Law School students. His accomplishments were precocious honored during a interruption successful enactment astatine a Boston Celtics playoff hoops game. But helium said to Harvard that helium is taking each accidental helium tin to fto everyone cognize his occurrence was not astatine each an idiosyncratic effort.

Staton, 27, said his brag astatine the Bladensburg trash institution would fto him permission enactment to spell to people and past travel back. A relative helped him survey for the instrumentality schoolhouse admittance test. And past there’s his dad, his brother, and, of course, Perry.

“Although I get recognition for moving hard, moving was the casual portion due to the fact that that I could control,” Staton said. “But I conscionable happened to beryllium astir radical who cared capable astir me.

“I got fortunate – but I made the astir of my luck.”

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