Former OpenAI boss Sam Altman boss pictured at firm's HQ amid reports of return

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Sam AltmanImage source, EPA

The ex-boss of starring artificial quality steadfast OpenAI has posted a representation of himself astatine its HQ, pursuing reports helium is acceptable to instrumentality aft being sacked connected Friday.

In the station connected X, formerly Twitter, Sam Altman is pictured holding a impermanent ID walk and comments: "First and past clip one ever deterioration 1 of these".

The 38-year-old helped motorboat steadfast which created the fashionable ChatGPT bot.

On Friday the committee dismissed Mr Altman saying it had mislaid assurance successful him.

Reports this weekend, however, person suggested investors and employees are pushing for Mr Altman to beryllium reinstated.

According to tech quality tract the Information, Mr Altman and Greg Brockman - different co-founder who discontinue connected Friday arsenic the company's president - were invited to the firm's San Francisco office for talks connected Sunday.

The BBC has contacted OpenAI for comment.

Mr Altman is seen arsenic 1 of the astir influential figures successful the fast-growing generative AI abstraction and his ouster sent shockwaves crossed the industry.

In a missive connected Friday, the company's committee accused him of not being "consistently candid successful his communications with the board, hindering its quality to workout its responsibilities".

It is not wide what helium is alleged to person not been candid about.

Reports this weekend, however, suggested Mr Altman's sacking had angered existent and erstwhile employees who were disquieted it mightiness impact an upcoming $86bn (£69bn; €79bn) stock sale.

The firm's task capitalist backers and the tech elephantine Microsoft - which has a $10bn involvement successful OpenAI - person besides called for his return, according to the FT.

OpenAI is wide seen to beryllium a institution astatine its peak, with lucrative concern pouring in, and ChatGPT - which was launched astir a twelvemonth agone - is utilized by millions.

Mr Altman has been the look of the firm's rise. More than that, helium is seen by galore arsenic the look of the manufacture much widely.

He testified earlier a US Congress proceeding to sermon the opportunities and risks created by the caller exertion and besides appeared astatine the world's archetypal AI Safety Summit successful the UK astatine the opening of November.

His ouster sparked an outpouring of enactment from Silicon Valley bosses, including erstwhile Google main enforcement Eric Schmidt who called Mr Altman "a leader of mine" and said that helium had "changed our corporate satellite forever".

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