France drought: Parched towns left short of drinking water

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Dried-up Esteron River, Le Broc, France - 29 Jul 22Image source, EPA

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A dried-up stream successful Le Broc, confederate France

The French authorities has acceptable up a situation squad to tackle a historical drought that has near much than 100 municipalities abbreviated of drinking water.

Trucks are taking h2o to those areas, arsenic "there is thing near successful the pipes", Minister for Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu said.

The premier minister's bureau said it was France's worst recorded drought. Water usage is being restricted successful 93 regions.

Dry conditions are expected to proceed for astatine slightest the adjacent 2 weeks.

The authorities vigor institution EDF has had to trim output astatine immoderate atomic powerfulness plants, arsenic stream temperatures are excessively precocious to supply capable cooling, AFP quality bureau reports.

There are fears that the drought - hitting astir each of mainland France - volition trim harvest yields, exacerbating the nutrient situation caused by the warfare successful Ukraine.

Europeans are already struggling with higher nutrient prices arsenic atom exports from Russia and Ukraine - among the world's apical producers - are overmuch little than normal.

The heatwave that has baked France since June has prompted trees and bushes to shed their leaves early, creating scenes that look autumnal.

In July France had conscionable 9.7mm (0.38 inches) of rain, making it the driest period since March 1961, the nationalist upwind work Meteo-France said.

Irrigation has been banned successful overmuch of the north-west the south-east of France to conserve water.

The maize harvest, utilized chiefly for carnal feed, is expected to beryllium 18.5% little this twelvemonth compared with 2021, the agriculture ministry said. The main corn-growing areas are Alsace successful the eastbound and occidental regions, and the harvest is already nether way.

Corn exports from France, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are each expected to beryllium little this twelvemonth due to the fact that of the heatwave, and those little volumes volition propulsion prices up, French BFMTV reported.

Livestock farmers successful the Alps are having to descend into the valleys by motortruck each time to cod h2o for their animals, which adds respective 100 euros to their play substance bills, Broadcaster TF1 reported.

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