Georgia sees spike in gun sales due to the war in Ukraine

1 week ago 31

Since the commencement of the warfare successful Ukraine, the merchantability of idiosyncratic arms to civilians has been steadily expanding successful Georgia. Euronews Georgia reporters went to conscionable with civilians and lawmakers to find retired why.

Despite authoritative figures not being available, firearms distributors accidental that the beardown request is owed to an affectional absorption from the nationalist to the Russian penetration and fears that the state could beryllium targeted next.

The authorities are acrophobic astir the spike successful weapons purchases. Last August the Georgian parliament passed an amendment tightening firearms legislation.

One illustration is that a idiosyncratic who owns a hunting firearm would request to taxable their limb for ballistics testing. Government officials accidental this measurement was introduced to summation transgression prevention.

For more, ticker the afloat study done by Euronews Georgia successful the video above.

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