Get smashing: avocado growers want consumers to buy more amid fruit glut

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Avocado growers are pleading with customers to bargain much of the fruit, arsenic a glut successful proviso sends prices to a historical low.

Across the country, the oversupply of avocados has seen prices driblet dramatically – with the effect going for arsenic small arsenic $1 successful immoderate stores.

The Avocados Australia main executive, John Tyas, said prices were the lowest they had been successful decades.

“You’d person to spell backmost a fewer decades to spot them astatine these prices, and successful existent dollar terms, they’re astir apt adjacent cheaper present than backmost then,” Tyas said.

“Once you get circular to that debased price, $1 a piece, nary 1 is making immoderate money. A batch of growers are going backwards.”

The oversupply, coupled with accrued costs of fertiliser, substance and freight has meant immoderate growers are reconsidering avocados successful the future, helium said.

“It’s a cleanable tempest for avocado growers,” Tyas said. “They tin upwind it for a while, but agelong word the prices we’re seeing astatine the infinitesimal are not sustainable.

“Some are re-evaluating their future. No doubt, determination volition beryllium radical looking to alteration direction.”

The oversupply is being driven by caller avocado orchards that were planted successful the past 5 to 10 years coming into production.

“I’ve described it arsenic increasing pains for the industry,” Tyas said.

“We’ve been trying to make caller export markets, with the Australian government, it’s taken a batch longer than what we had expected.”

Western Australian growers precocious joined the Japanese market.

On a home level, Australians emotion avocados, with the state consuming 80,000 tonnes successful 2021 – and Tyas predicts that volition treble by 2026.

Tyas said the manufacture needs to make planetary and home markets, and with 80% of Australian households eating avocados regularly, the manufacture is looking to transportation itself astatine the reminding 20%.

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“There are inactive households that don’t bargain avocados oregon bargain them infrequently,” helium said. “There’s inactive a batch of country to turn domestically.

“When they’re awesome worth it’s a large accidental to bargain more. For each the bully reasons we cognize – they’re incredibly nutritious and versatile, they marque immoderate repast better.”

A spokesperson for Woolworths said the supermarket was paying the marketplace terms for the fruits.

“We’re selling avocados for astir $1.50 … that volition determination based connected proviso and request (the accustomed marketplace forces),” they said.

On Friday, Woolworths was selling a five-pack of the effect for $4.

A spokesperson for Coles would not accidental however overmuch they are paying growers, but that they were sourcing each their caller avocados from Australia.

“We presently person an abundance of in-season avocados offering customers large worth and a versatile summation to salads, smoothies, pasta, toast and more,” they said.

“Coles presently has avocados disposable nationally for $1.30 each with 100% of caller avocados sourced from Australian farmers.”

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