Ghana coach: Ronaldo's record goal 'gift' by ref

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Ghana manager Otto Addo criticized the American referee who awarded the punishment that resulted successful Cristiano Ronaldo's grounds extremity astatine the World Cup connected Thursday, calling it "a peculiar gift.''

Ronaldo won and converted the second-half penalty, making him the first antheral subordinate to people successful 5 World Cups. Portugal went connected to bushed Ghana 3-2.

"If idiosyncratic scores a goal, congratulations. But this was truly a gift. Really a gift,'' Addo said. "What much tin I say? (It was) a peculiar acquisition from the referee.''

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Addo's disapproval of American referee Ismail Elfath was truthful nonstop that it could enactment him into occupation with FIFA.

When asked what helium thought was the crushed for Ghana's constrictive defeat, Addo responded: "The referee.''

Addo felt Ghana defender Mohammed Salisu didn't foul Ronaldo for the penalty, and helium complained that the officials didn't usage VAR to marque sure. Salisu's thigh appeared to marque flimsy interaction with Ronaldo's limb earlier the Portugal skipper went sprawling to the ground.

The 37-year-old Ronaldo, who was starting what's expected to beryllium his past World Cup, converted the punishment for his portion of history.

"I deliberation it was truly the incorrect decision,'' Addo said. "I don't cognize wherefore VAR didn't travel up. There's nary mentation for me. And past it's hard against a world-class squad erstwhile they are leading.''

Addo is simply a 47-year-old erstwhile Ghana subordinate who is successful his archetypal planetary coaching occupation and astatine his archetypal World Cup. He said helium adjacent tried to conscionable with Elfath aft the crippled to inquire him astir the incident. Addo besides complained that Elfath had missed galore fouls connected his players.

"I tried," Addo said. "I asked immoderate radical extracurricular with FIFA if I tin speech with the referee successful a calm and quiescent mode but they said he's successful a gathering and it's not possible.''

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