GM’s Electric Vehicles Will Use Tesla’s Charging Network

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The electrical car company, which operates the country’s astir extended charging network, struck a akin woody with Ford Motor recently.

A reddish  Tesla plugged into a charger.
General Motors volition articulation Ford successful tailoring its electrical cars to Tesla’s chargers. The woody volition assistance acceptable an manufacture modular for charging plugs.Credit...Roger Kisby for The New York Times

Jack Ewing

By Jack Ewing

Jack Ewing has covered the car manufacture for much than a decade.

June 8, 2023, 5:13 p.m. ET

General Motors connected Thursday said it had reached a woody that would let its electrical vehicles to usage Tesla’s extended charging network. G.M. besides said its aboriginal battery-powered models would usage the charging plug modular pioneered by Tesla.

The announcement, which came 2 weeks aft Ford struck a comparable agreement, is apt to marque Tesla’s exertion the manufacture modular and compression companies that are racing to physique akin networks arsenic income of electrical vehicles surge.

The conflict betwixt Tesla’s charging plugs and the ones presently utilized by Ford, G.M. and the different automakers recalls the contention betwixt Betamax and VHS video cassettes successful the 1980s. VHS yet won the conflict and Betamax instrumentality became obsolete.

The main enforcement of G.M., Mary T. Barra, made the announcement during a streamed Twitter speech with Elon Musk, the main enforcement of Tesla. Both described the woody arsenic affirmative for consumers.

“This is going to beryllium a fundamentally large happening for the advancement of E.V. adoption,” Mr. Musk said, adding that helium would guarantee that Tesla would not usage its power of the nation’s largest charging web to disadvantage competitors.

Investors welcomed the deal. The stock prices of Tesla and G.M. were up astir 3 percent successful extended trading connected Thursday.

Jack Ewing writes astir concern from New York, focusing connected the car manufacture and the modulation to electrical cars. He spent overmuch of his vocation successful Europe and is the writer of “Faster, Higher, Farther," astir the Volkswagen emissions scandal. @JackEwingNYT Facebook

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