Gonorrhoea cases rising quickly in England

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By Michelle Roberts

Digital wellness editor

Gonorrhoea cases successful England person resurged since the easing of Covid restrictions, wellness officials are informing radical who are sexually active.

Condoms tin halt the dispersed of this and different sexually transmitted infections.

Provisional information shows diagnoses successful the archetypal fractional of 2022 deed 56,327 - 21% higher than for the aforesaid play successful 2019.

Typical symptoms of gonorrhoea see a heavy greenish oregon yellowish discharge from the vagina oregon penis.

But immoderate radical volition person nary symptoms, particularly for infections successful the throat, vagina oregon rectum.

Experts accidental radical should practise harmless enactment and get tested regularly if they are having enactment with caller oregon casual partners.

Testing is simple, escaped and discreet, they advise.

What is gonorrhoea?

The illness is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

The corruption is dispersed by unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex.

Symptoms tin see a heavy greenish oregon yellowish discharge from intersexual organs, symptom erstwhile urinating and bleeding betwixt periods.

However, vaginal and rectal infections often person nary symptoms.

An untreated corruption tin pb to infertility, pelvic inflammatory illness and tin beryllium passed connected to a kid during pregnancy.

Dr Claire Dewsnap, from the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, said: "The emergence successful gonorrhoea cases provides an important reminder of the value of investigating for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and wearing a condom each clip you person sex.

"By getting tested astatine slightest erstwhile a year, careless of whether you're showing symptoms, you tin assistance minimise the hazard of catching oregon passing connected STIs erstwhile having sex.

"Delaying entree to the close attraction and attraction besides risks processing longer word problems which tin beryllium much hard to address. If you are acrophobic astir STI transmission, intersexual wellness clinics are connected manus to help."

How to get tested

There are respective antithetic places you tin spell to beryllium tested for gonorrhoea:

  • a intersexual wellness session (sometimes besides called a GUM clinic)
  • your GP surgery
  • a contraceptive and young people's clinic
  • a backstage clinic

It is imaginable to bargain a gonorrhoea trial from a pharmacy to bash yourself astatine home. However, these tests alteration successful accuracy, truthful it is recommended that you spell to your section intersexual wellness service.

All tests are escaped done the NHS, but you volition person to wage if you spell to a backstage clinic.

Dr Katy Sinka, caput of the STI conception astatine UK Health Security Agency, reminded people: "You tin get escaped condoms astatine your section intersexual wellness session and if you're nether 25, you tin besides get them online."

Scotland has seen a akin rise successful gonorrhoea cases.

Experts are besides acrophobic that gonorrhoea has been processing absorption to definite antibiotic treatments, with immoderate cases of alleged "super-gonorrhoea" being seen successful caller years astir the world. These stay uncommon astatine the moment.

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