Granite Harbour review – the best dressed cop double-act in TV history

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Without wishing to get excessively Taggart astir this, there’s been a murder. The assemblage of vigor institution enforcement Clellan Coburn has been recovered successful the woods extracurricular Aberdeen, and helium had conscionable announced a concern merger that would person meant his lipid institution switching to greenish energy. Whodunnit? I’m going to spell retired connected a limb and say, astir apt not the feline astatine the nationalist announcement shouting: “I’m going to termination you Clellan!”

But Granite Harbour (BBC One) isn’t conscionable a serendipitously topical if formulaic thriller successful the epoch of Just Stop Oil. Rather, it’s an odd-couple constabulary procedural astir the dressiest transgression solvers successful each of Police Scotland’s history. In the archetypal occurrence DCI Lara Bartlett (Hannah Donaldson) accessorises a Breton fisherman’s striped apical with rakishly tied reddish neckerchief, steely bluish eyes and a bob, portion – not to beryllium outdone – rookie detective Davis Lindo (Romario Simpson) sports a retina-frying pinkish garment with matching necktie implicit a crisp suit and camel coat.

I can’t spot either of them getting into a dumpster to hunt for clues, but tin good ideate them getting rather testy if the victim’s humor spatter gets connected their threads. The biggest enigma is however they are going to find the slayer with that benignant of attitude.

The three-part play offers what hopefully amounts to the last twist connected the venerable buddy-cop treble act. Every different permutation has been tried. We’ve had artisanal brew connoisseur partnered with orangish juice-drinking barbarian (Morse and Lewis), believer versus rational sceptical (Mulder and Scully), pugnacious ambitious achromatic pistillate bull from the large metropolis and small-town anorak-wearing achromatic antheral geek (McDonald and Dodds), adjacent bull and crime-solving canine (Turner and Hooch).

Granite Harbour tips the proverbial tam o’shanter to these forebears with its pairing of a sassy Aberdonian with authorization issues and a disarmingly accented Jamaican outsourced to the greyest country of the United Greydom, mediocre chap. They’re an unusual mates but volition they beryllium mixing wardrobes earlier the denouement? I wouldn’t enactment it past them.

In the framework  … Katia Winter.
In the framework … Katia Winter. Photograph: Robert Pereira Hind/BBC/LA Productions

Naturally, it’s erstwhile subject constabulary Lindo 1 feels for. He has near Jamaica with immoderate foreshadowed issues to bash with his dada arsenic portion of a Commonwealth diverseness retraining scheme, which sounds truthful ridiculous it astir apt isn’t made up. Even the decor of Lindo’s caller level is grey, a benignant transgression adjacent Scottish instrumentality enforcers can’t investigate. Worse, helium manages to affront the lone different idiosyncratic of colour successful his nonrecreational ambit connected time one. “You deliberation I got present due to the fact that of immoderate diverseness scheme?” snarls Bhav Joshi’s DI Jaiyush Malick erstwhile they meet. “I meant nary offence sir,” replies Lindo. “No? Well tons taken,” snaps Malick, laughable arsenic the unremittingly chippy coworker . It’s 1 of the galore cliched moves successful writer Sarah Deane’s plodding plod drama.

Simpson, who played Lizard successful the beauteous Lovers Rock occurrence of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe, is an endearing beingness connected Aberdeen’s mean streets. He’s not the lone idiosyncratic of colour successful this colour-drained burg, it is true, but 1 who faces the episode’s top situation erstwhile a waitress presents him with the biggest Scottish meal successful the past of Scottish breakfasts. My arteries are furring adjacent arsenic I constitute astir its insane concatenation of kippers, achromatic pudding and different fried items.

Back to the murder. The fishy database is longer than Hercule Poirot’s connected the Orient Express. As acold arsenic I tin tell, the lone radical not successful the framework are those who spent the autumn dangling from gantries supra the M25 oregon gluing themselves to aged masters. Half of Aberdeen, we are to suppose, has an involvement successful continued lipid production. Then there’s Clellan’s member Shay, who opposes the merger.

Quite perchance truthful does Karolina Andersson (Katia Winter), the glamorous businesswoman from Stavanger, wherever she presided implicit the Norwegian lipid capital’s modulation to renewables. By merging her steadfast with Cullen’s, she plans to bash the aforesaid successful Scotland.

Is she a greenish goddess oregon fortune-hunting Jezebel? Let’s anticipation the latter. Clellan, we learn, bequeathed each his worldly goods to Karolina successful a volition helium suspiciously amended a period earlier his death. She, of each the execution suspects presently successful the Aberdeen area, has the strongest motive for wishing him dead.

But bash the cops walk the opening occurrence giving this imperious Scandinavian their champion bully cop/bad bull regular successful the interrogation room? Of people not. Instead, we spot Davis engaged successful a ft contention to drawback the troubled antheral who uttered the decease threat.

Police ne'er impeach themselves of wasting constabulary time, but successful this lawsuit they should. After all, the fleeing Scotsman is intelligibly thing that utilized to beryllium communal successful this portion of the satellite – a reddish herring.

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