Greek tourism industry bounces back despite Europe's cost of living crisis

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The past 2 years person been precise hard for the tourism industry, and present with the warfare successful Ukraine and the outgo of surviving situation expanding pressures, conditions are inactive acold from ideal.

However, resorts crossed the Mediterranean portion are preparing for what they anticipation volition beryllium a bumper season. Among them is the Greek island of Santorini, which astatine its highest tin big astir 50,000 visitors astatine a clip successful its 400 positive hotels.

Weddings and cruises - Is tourism bouncing backmost successful Santorini?

To Markos Chaidemenos, a edifice owner, the 2022 play has already started well, adjacent exceeding expectations.

"In the aboriginal days of the warfare successful Ukraine, rather a fewer reservations were cancelled. Yet now, and it makes maine bittersweet to admit it, tourists look to person forgotten the war. As for our island, we person ne'er had galore Russian oregon Ukrainian tourists."

As good arsenic being fashionable among Greeks, Santorini has galore American, British and French tourists. Cruise ships are besides backmost successful unit too, and the land is looking to caller markets to boost its visitant numbers.

Local concern owners are starting to spot an expanding fig of visitors from China and Japan, often with matrimony successful mind. This is the lawsuit for Zhourun Ge, a Japanese tourist, who aft his archetypal visit, decided Santorini was the cleanable determination for his impending nuptials.

The cardinal to the island's economy

Tourism is the island's lone meaningful industry. But the assemblage is not conscionable important to firm hospitality chains and luxury hotels. There are inactive galore families connected Santorini surviving disconnected the sector.

Christos Markozanis is the proprietor of a tavern, which helium runs with the assistance of his 2 sons, niece and wife. He says the play has started well, but he's inactive disquieted astir the effects of the soaring outgo of living.

"A merchandise past week, a vino I bought for 8 euros, contiguous I indispensable wage 10 and adjacent week I volition wage 12 oregon 14 euros. How americium I expected to live?

Now there's the high outgo of energy, I anticipation that measures volition beryllium taken by the authorities and by the European Union." He fears that if energy bills stay high, galore tiny businesses volition close.

Despite planetary and nationalist hardships, Greek tourism is preparing for different precise bully play arsenic the sun, oversea and past past proceed to pull overseas visitors.

Discover much astir Santorini's tourism assemblage successful the video above.

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