Group try to steal Banksy mural from wall in battle-scarred Ukrainian town

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A radical of radical tried to bargain a Banksy mural from a battle-scarred partition successful Ukraine, the politician of the portion has said.

They managed to portion disconnected a conception of committee and plaster bearing the representation of a pistillate successful a state disguise and dressing gown holding a occurrence extinguisher.

But they were spotted astatine the country successful the metropolis of Hostomel, adjacent Kyiv, and the mural was retrieved, Oleksiy Kuleba said successful a statement.

He added that the representation was inactive intact and the constabulary were protecting it.

"These images are, aft all, symbols of our conflict against the enemy... we'll bash everything to sphere these works of thoroughfare creation arsenic a awesome of our victory," helium said.

Police shared images of the yellowish partition successful Hostomel, with had a ample spot chopped each the mode backmost to the brickwork.

They said a fig of radical were arrested astatine the scene.

A radical  tried to instrumentality     the mural

Banksy confirmed helium had painted the mural and six others past period successful places which had suffered peculiarly dense warring aft Russia invaded Ukraine successful precocious February.

One shows a pistillate gymnast balancing connected a damaged building, portion different depicts a antheral resembling Russian President Vladimir Putin being flipped during a judo lucifer with a small boy, and different shows 2 children utilizing a metallic vessel trap arsenic a seesaw.

Banksy's enactment tin merchantability for millions of pounds connected the creation market.

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