Heathrow security guards expected to announce fresh strikes

4 months ago 49

Fresh strikes by information guards astatine Heathrow airdrome are expected to beryllium announced adjacent week.

Members of Unite are embroiled successful a long-running quality implicit wage which has led to erstwhile concern action.

In a connection Unite said: “The Unite announcement regarding the concern enactment astatine Heathrow is not live.

“It should beryllium held astatine the infinitesimal until announcement is served connected the employer, adjacent week.”

A Heathrow spokesperson said: “Passengers tin remainder assured that we volition bash everything we tin to minimise onslaught disruption truthful they tin bask their hard-earned summertime holidays.

“Unite has already tried and failed to disrupt the airdrome with unnecessary strikes connected immoderate of our busiest days and we proceed to physique our plans to support journeys during immoderate aboriginal action.

“The elemental information remains that the bulk of colleagues bash not enactment Unite’s strikes.

“There is simply a two-year inflation-beating wage emergence acceptable for colleagues, if lone Unite would let them to person a say.

“We volition proceed talks with Unite astir resolving this issue.”

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