Homes for Ukraine: refugees being left homeless, UK community groups warn

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Growing numbers of refugees are being made homeless, and successful galore cases destitute, aft narration breakdowns with their Homes for Ukraine hosts successful the UK, assemblage organisations person said.

Some foretell the strategy could clang wholly aft reports of Ukrainian refugees being asked to permission the homes of their sponsors with lone 1 day’s notice, leaving them with nary enactment but to beryllium referred to section authorities arsenic stateless or, if they tin spend to, effort to question last-minute rented accommodation.

Community leaders said specified incidents were happening among typically well-meaning hosts who whitethorn person failed to expect the enormity of the committedness until refugees arrived successful their homes, adding to the accent and trauma of the newcomers.

Other factors cited see costs, property and taste clashes, hosts not mounting location rules, misunderstandings and connection problems.

Iryna Terlecky, a committee subordinate of the Association of Ukrainians successful Great Britain, said: “Our assemblage is seeing these cases often and our cognition is that they’re increasing.”

They besides study akin issues among those who arrived connected the Ukraine household strategy – either caused by abstraction problems oregon narration breakdowns. “We are uncovering that sponsorship relationships are breaking down – successful spite of the precise wide tendency of radical to help,” Terlecky said.

A 43-year-old Ukrainian pistillate told the Guardian she was near homeless, terrified and not knowing wherever to crook aft being asked to permission by her Homes for Ukraine hosts aft small much than a week.

After Russia’s penetration she fled her 22nd-floor level successful Kyiv for Spain but she recovered it hard to find work. She met her UK hosts, a mates from Exeter, connected Facebook who arranged her flights and documentation.

At first, she said, they each got connected good and she felt “loved and cared for”. But their dynamic shifted dramatically erstwhile she went to sojourn a antheral she had met online. Her hosts person accused her of lying.

“It’s a unspeakable feeling,” she said, speaking from exigency assembly accommodation successful a hotel. “You consciousness truly happy, loved and cared for and past you consciousness similar you’ve been thrown from a high-rise gathering to the ground.”

Meanwhile, the Local Government Association said determination had been a “concerning increase” successful Ukrainian arrivals presenting arsenic homeless, and it urgently called for a rematching process truthful refugees were not near successful limbo. Government sources told the Observer they were moving connected a “rematching” service.

Marta Mulyak, who has hosted respective Ukrainian families since the commencement of the warfare and is seat of 1st London Plast, a Ukrainian Scout group, said: “A batch of radical say, ‘Of people I tin springiness a country to a Ukrainian’. But past bills, outgo of nutrient – radical possibly don’t deliberation astir that until they person come.”

Many recently arrived refugees are inactive experiencing the trauma of having lived successful a warfare zone. Mulyak has seen children autumn to the level aft mistaking a large sound for a bomb. “The Homes for Ukraine strategy has a batch of problems and yet volition pb to a full crash,” she said.

Anya Abdulakh, from Families4Peace, a foundation helping Ukrainians successful northbound London, said she was precocious contacted by a pistillate who came to the UK with her girl to unrecorded with a pistillate she met connected Facebook.

But erstwhile they arrived, the big was going done a divorcement and it transpired that she was a strict vegetarian who did not privation nutrient successful the location – starring to tension. “The concern present is that she [the host] wants her to determination arsenic rapidly arsenic possible,” she said.

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Sara Nathan, the co-founder of Refugees astatine Home, expects the problems with the strategy to “stay rather acute for immoderate time” – particularly erstwhile placements deed six months, the minimum clip hosts indispensable perpetrate to.

A Department for Levelling up, Housing and Communities spokesperson said: “We bash not recognise these claims – much than 46,100 radical person arrived done some Ukraine schemes and the immense bulk of these are settling successful well.

“There are stringent safeguarding measures successful spot for the Homes for Ukraine strategy and, according to assembly information reports, precise fewer of these sponsorships are breaking down. Where they do, councils are capable to supply enactment oregon find a much suitable sponsor.”

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