Houseplant of the week: porcelain vine

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Why volition I emotion it?
Originally from the Himalayas, the succulent hoya linearis is simply a long, trailing houseplant, increasing up to 90cm long. It has delicate, slender, brushed greyish-green stems that spill implicit the cookware edge, creating a wonderful, calming hanging plant.

Light oregon shade?
Bright indirect light, which encourages flowering.

Where should I enactment it?
Hang successful a agleam (ideally east-facing) bath to make a stunning, cascading effect.

How bash I support it alive?
Throughout the summer, support the compost moist by watering weekly, but let the ungraded to adust retired somewhat earlier watering. During the wintertime months, trim watering to each 3 to 4 weeks arsenic the works enters a play of dormancy. Increase the humidity by misting frequently.

Did you cognize …
The porcelain vine has exquisite flowers; clusters of small, star-shaped blooms successful shades of white, pinkish and reddish that person a delicate, porcelain-like quality are produced successful summer. The flowers enactment arsenic an aerial freshener, filling the country with a saccharine and pleasant scent.

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